A Christmas filled with Miracles

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Sixty wonder-filled Christmas miracles
contributed from folks around the world.
Stories to renew your hope and faith in human-kind
and rekindle your Christmas Spirit.

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One of the Book's Incredible Holiday Miracles

Santa is Coming to Town
Betty Tisdale

I will never forget the Christmas in Vietnam when Santa Clause truly came to town.

It is always very-very hot in December. The temperatures were over 100 humid degrees and we were in the middle of the war.

I was working at An Lac Orphanage, started by Mme. Vu Thi Ngai in Haiphong, and through the book "Deliver Us From Evil" written by Dr. Tom Dooley, was able to give a home to thousands of children.

After Dr. Tom's death in l961, I took over the orphanage and sustained it until l975 when I evacuated 219 babies.

Our orphanage had been adopted by the 121 Signal Battalion, the 1st Infantry Division. The men were stationed ten miles from our orphanage.

The children were at the annex in the country.

(There was a lot of Vietcong activity around the area. Shortly after all the fruit trees were defoliated and we could not use the annex.)

The Infantry decided to surprise the orphans and give them a Christmas party.

The men wrote to their wives, sisters and girlfriends over seas and asked if they would mail gifts for the children.

Well, gifts started to arrive, all wrapped in brightly colored holiday paper.

On Christmas day the Signal Battalion arrived in several trucks. The trucks where piled high with hundreds of colored gift wrapped parcels.

Just then we heard the whirl of a helicopter overhead. We all looked up. This sound meant our men were flying off into combat and the sound was not a happy one for us.

But, this time the helicopter landed in a field across from the orphanage and out came Santa Clause.

Walking towards us, waving to the children, in 100 degree humid heat, in full regalia, complete with beard, and with more gifts came the first Santa any of the children had ever seen.

A three piece orchestra from the 121st Signal Battalion was playing "Silver Bells"........it was so moving.

The children soon joined in with Jingle Bells - as I had taught them.

They also sang Auld Lang Syne in Vietnamese - there wasn't a dry eye in the audience of soldiers. Maj. Bill Hilsman (now a General) and Sgt. Deeble and Lt. Fisher put it all together. These were the true angels of An Lac.

We brought all the children back over to the annex and I remember them lined up. Almost 400 children lined up - only the babies were not there.

Rows and rows of children. The children were not in rows facing us, but rows facing the building and all the soldiers, all ranks, all ages, sat on the steps with the piles of gifts stacked up beside them handing the gifts out to the children.

As each child came up to receive their gift they put their hands across their chests and said "Cam on"... Thank-you.

That is when I looked up. And saw a sight that I will never forget. On the flat of the roof of the Annex at Di-An were our soldiers standing around the circumferance of the roof guns in readiness protecting the children and the orphanage staff of volunteers from snipers.

The children of An Lac owe their lives to this wonderful group of solders that came to protect them.

At 4 PM the An Lac soldiers had to leave us and return to their base at Bien Hoa, it was time to go back into the field of battle.

It truly is a Christmas I will always remember.

Authors Note:
Twenty 20 years later, in 1995 when I returned to find the ones I had left behind - we had a reunion of about 60 of the grown children and the first thing they did - was sing Jingle Bells.

Editors Note:
When I phoned Betty and asked her for her story.... "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" was playing on the radio.

Betty has started an organization to help the orphans in Vietnam.
H.A.L.O ... Helping And Loving Orphans.

She has just returned from Vietnam to find 150 children sleeping on the streets outside the orphanage and it is her goal to build them an annex.

To Betty help others...
Betty Tisdale
2416 2nd Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
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by G.W. Hardin

Two thousand years ago angels appeared to shepherds announcing the birth of the Messiah. Why shepherds? Why not kings or holy men, dowagers or priestesses?

What is it about angels that attract them to the most common of humanity? And what is so important about the everyday people that angels find it necessary to show up in their lives? Frankly, it's because we're so wonderful. Truly.

If the stories in this book do nothing else, they remind us of the stunning power of recognizing the Divine in the most simple, acknowledging our blessings, showering our blessings on life around us.

Two thousand years ago the angels gave a message to shepherds: Peace on earth. And once again that same message echoes through the chambers of our collective hearts as the angels foretell once again of a world of peace.

Who can deny the changes flowing across our world? As before, we have the choice in seeing those changes as catastrophic or monumental. To those in power, the birth of the Christchild loomed as a threat; to shepherds, it was a blessing for the ages.

Because of my writings, doors have opened to me allowing me to visit and discover some of the most spiritually gifted people on our planet. And I am here to tell you what they tell me: Once again the promise of peace shall be given to humanity. And once again, we will have the choice of accepting that gift in the living of our lives or rejecting it through the choices we make around, through, and within ourselves.

Change has never come through governments or nations, princes or generals. No, change has always come through grassroots movements. It is the shepherds of the world, not the powers of the world, which foster and spread change.

What war has ever changed a mind? What nation has ever forced another into truth? Wars have never solved problems. They inevitably cause new ones.

Throughout history, real change has come from and through individuals. A small babe brought more change to this world than all the legions of Rome. And the angels fully understood that the truest way to insure the coming changes would be through simple shepherds.

Now, like never before, we posses the opportunity to manifest a New Christmas, a new birth of Christ Consciousness. And like the shepherds, our simple everyday world is the key to this monumental change, this new chance at world peace. And how? you might ask. Quite simple, really.

The very pages of this book hold the answer. The truths brought forth by these stories of human experience tell us that each of of us holds memories or the capacity of remembering what it takes to foster peace, to live peace.

You see, it's not enough to talk about peace. It's not enough to wish for peace. Peace must be lived one life at a time. And you, dear reader, are that one important single life. To recognize the truth in this idea is the first step.

The second step is to do what the people who've shared these stories have done: Share your story, your experience of peace.

The third step is to go beyond the sharing of a single Christmas event, to either foster or create a New Christmas event. And one of the best ways of manifesting such events is to reenact them, pass them on.

Many in these little stories have simply passed on the goodness, the caring, or the peace-making once given to them. And now that they have passed on their New Christmas event to you, why not discover the real power in this book by passing the event that meant the most to you on to another. Too simple? That's what makes it so powerful.

Once one of us furthers an act of kindness, mercy or peace-giving by passing it on, we send forth a spark which eventually blazes into a bonfire in the common heart of humanity. The light we initiate continues ever higher like a funeral pyre releasing us from a deathlike trance, allowing us to see the real message of Christmas: We are the peace on earth.

We are the echoes of goodwill harmonizing with the choirs of angels, singing forth the New Christmas.

May this New Christmas be yours. Pass it on.

With love from my heart to yours.
G.W. Hardin

To: ANGELscrib@aol.com

Dearest Mary Ellen,

You gift so many. I so admire the work you do. I believe deeply in your work.


for A Christmas Filled with Miracles

A Christmas Filled With Miracles is magical!

"A Christmas filled with Miracles" is a gift book ... with a heart and soul ... and it will wrap you in its magic.

When you open your heart and do acts of kindness for others you become the doorway for miracles to walk through.

When stories of children, angels, miracles, hopes, dream, and Christmas are combined the results create stories that have a special holiday magic all their own to lift your spirits.

The stories were collected from around the world and become teachers as each story unfolds off the page into your heart.

This is a gift book for yourself and loved ones of all beliefs.

Jackie Waldman, of "THE COURAGE to GIVE" series of books said, "I curl up in bed under my blankets with "A CHRISTMAS FILLED with MIRACLES" at night and savor each story like a great box of candy I don't want to end."

Enjoy the feelings of LOVE that permeate each page as... read more


A Gift That Keeps On Goving All Year Long
Patrick Murphy from San Diego, CA

This book is filled with magical stories that inspire and guide. Wonderful examples of what is possible when you put your love into action. Perfect for any age or religeous point of view. A gift thatwill go on giving for a lifetime. I have sent copies to 35 of my closest friends.


Reaffirm the giving the love you already have
Marlene Apland from Cottage Grove, Or

I keep the copy of Mary Ellen's book, "A Christmas Filled with Miracles", by my night stand and read a few stories each night. I find that I can only receive, at one time, a small amount of the overwhelming emotions these stories bring. I know that if one purchases the book and only reads one story they will have received more than they have payed for! The teacher comes when the student is ready..Love and light to ALL


Receving Side of a Real Teasure
Marie Rhodes from Live Oak, CA

Prepare yourself for an exciting expierence. With each story a veil rips away and exposes ones heart to a beautiful happening. Regardless of your current belief this book will have you believing in miracles. After reading her last book miracles came about in my own life. You will come to a new understanding of how miracles work in our lives. If you want to be on the receiving side of a real treasure for Christmas get this book. If you want to give a treasure give this book. This book will make your heart soar higher.


The biggest miracle may be what happens to you and your own life after your heart and soul are touched by her truly heartwarming and inspiring stories.

Jackie Waldman
author of The Courage to Give and A Teen's Courage to Give


Mary Ellen's collection of stories rekindles warm loving memories of wondrous times shared with others and illuminates a true essence of our being, our desire to provide love, comfort, and assistance to others.

May your work and life be a blessing for others.

James S. Griffith, M.D.
Tacoma Neurological Associates, Inc., P.S.


A CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH MIRACLES...brings to light many memories, including how powerful love can be when we open our hearts with compassion; how many miracles can happen when we act out of love and not fear.

Mary Ellen's wonderful book reminds us all of how we can create miracles in our own lives and in the lives of those around us..

Nick Bunick, Author of IN GOD'S TRUTH
and subject of THE MESSENGERS


Mary Ellen's book helps us to see miracles in our every day life and teaches us to gently touch other souls and uplift their hearts.

It is a great example of earth Angel work in our Universe.

Atira Hatton


Mary Ellen's stories awaken the angelic realm in our everyday life.

Through her gift of storytelling, heaven is brought to earth.

And we are brought to the realization that angels are surrounding us and touching our lives with each moment of recognition that they truly exist.

Read and embrace the possibilities.

Carolyn Craft
Director of WISDOM Radio


If you think the Spirit of Christmas has been lost, know you will find it again in these wonderful, true stories from people across the country.

Reading these verbal carols of Christmas restores my faith in humanity and my love for the profoundly simple. Let it be a gift to yourself.

G.W. Hardin
New York Times best-selling co-author of THE MESSENGERS,


"Mary Ellen once again touches the spirit of the readers and the season.

After reading this book your life will be changed in miraculous ways.

You will see how you can be the gift to create miracles for others."

Arielle Ford,
author " Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul"


Mary Ellen is a true angel, a messenger of truth, love and beauty.

Her latest collection of Christmas stories are a gift of love to the world.

The words are music to our eyes and ears, as we hear them in our heart and soul.

Music Lady, Sammie Thompson, CMP
Creator of Musical Massage and International performing/recording artist


Remember the joyous, magical feelings of waking up as a child on Christmas morning?

You'll recapture those emotions, plus more, by reading Mary Ellen's beautiful collection of stories.

"A Christmas Filled with Miracles" will stir gratitude in your heart, and wonder in your mind.

No one could read this book and remain a skeptic.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.,
author "Divine Guidance" and "Angel Therapy


'A Christmas Filled with Miracles' is a heart-warming collection of wonderful stories.

It is a fitting sequel to 'Expect Miracles' and Mary Ellen has excelled herself in providing us with such inspirational material.

You cannot read these stories without being changed. A definite MUST.

John Harricharan--award-winning author
of "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat"


Wonderful soulful stories for the whole family to read together. Inspirational!!

Mimi Doe,
Author of 10 Principles For Spiritual Parenting and Drawing Angels Near


I laughed. I cried. I am inspired. I am filled with joy!

I loved every moment I spent reviewing this book ... and especially in finding the messages hidden there by the Angels just for me.

I know readers will do what I did: pick a story to read for "today's inspiration" ... and never put the book down until it's been fully consumed and completely savored.

Enjoy, dear reader!
Brenda Ropoulos
Communications Director


Mary Ellen creates such beautiful books. Her spirit soars to the heights of heaven and brings it back for us to touch.....

Marie Rhodes
Founder of Children's Respite Care


Thank you, Angel Lady. What a wonderful Angel you are.

Your words are music to my eyes and ears, as I hear them in my heart and soul.

Sammie Thompson
International Performing Harpist and Recording Artist

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