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Come Walk with Mary Ellen
as she strolls through Cottage Grove and shares
Mary Ellen paints with words...using your inner vision as her canvas.

Mary Ellen was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2000 and had it successfully removed.

Shortly after an angel came to her, in a dream one night, and said to walk 3-4 miles a day to help with her healing.

She thought this would be like dragging two balls and chains around town doing something extremely boring.

Much to Mary Ellen's surprise the world opened up to her and these next writings of hers invite you to see the world anew too.

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) As Autumn Leaves...Discover the Joys of Your Youth

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) BIG and TALL Trucks

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) Silhouettes

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The Old Barn

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The Startling Contrast

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) Normal Rockwell Christmas Lights

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The River Scene

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The Couple

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The Lawn Mower

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The Autumn Scene

bluebull.gif (1k bytes) The School Bus Cargo

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