The Couple

Everyone in town knows the couple who live in the house I was walking by. They were loving and kind to all they met. The couple was not wealthy, pretentious, or political. They offered a smile and a zucchini to all they met.

Looking at their home now, since the wife's death and the husband's advancing age, left me melancholy at the passing of time and the gentle dilapidation of their once and active home.

Today was different. The young city lawnmower was cutting the grass on the park next to the couples home. The city crew could have stopped at the edge of the park but the lawnmower kept on going, cutting right up to the edge of the couples driveway and around their garden.

This is the beauty of a small town. We all have our hearts touched by each other and we remember who lives where.

When I told several folks in town about writing this "walk" they all guessed who the couple was and the location of the house. It warmed my heart that they each chose a different couple.

Many people in a small town quietly mark the lives of others.

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