Normal Rockwall Christmas Lights

When was the last time you walked at night and put a pulse to the scenes found in a small town? Christmas lights are mysteriously popping up on new homes each night for our enjoyment.

As I walked for a mile on Sunday night I saw moments of families memories.

Several garage doors were open as men drapping Christmas lights on their Christmas trees. A time honored family tradition for these men.

It made me wonder if they were doing it in the garage to keep the busy paws of kittens and the fast moving puppies born last season at bay.

Through open blinds I saw a middle age couple standing arm in arm as they watched their teenage daughter string their Christmas tree to this year's perfection.

In a tall out door tree that had lost its leaves three men were ‘on high" stringing lights from friend to friend, from limb to limb. It looked like a happy form of exercise this trio. Soon they knew the children inside the house would pour out, discover the brightly light tree, with their little squeaks of delight and "awwwws" and "ohhhhs."

On a porch a mother, father and two small children were putting lights onto a small Christmas tree. It was like looking at a snap shot of a sentimental Christmas card or a Norman Rockwell painting.

When you walk around a small town you see more than just see memories in the making and the presence of family life.

It might be an idea to recreate the image of Cottage Grove and declare it CHRISTMAS TOWN. Folks world wide would come to wander our streets with their families all year long to enjoy the lights on our homes and the display at city hall. This would keep down the crime rate.

It is a shame to take down the lights each year when they offer so much joy to on lookers.

Levenworth, Washington has annanual Christmas theme and folks travel over the snowy pass to experience it. Imagine if Cottage Grove had a Christmas Town theme all year long!

Folks from Japan, Italy, Jamaica would come through Cottage Grove on their way up and down I-5. This could begin to fill our shops on Main Street with Christmas Crafts of local folks and arts. CHRISTMAS TOWN ...could be the salvation to the economic situation of Cottage Grove as we became a memory town for the rest of the world.)

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