Angels Be Aware

Every town has a few homes like this. Beautifully landscaped yards where the weeds dare not show their heads. There is not a stray leaf blowing any where on it. And the perfect green lawn is mowed to perfection. To top it off the flower beds are immaculate like the yard maid just sweep through.

I had noticed one such yard on my many walks. The main individual feature of this home was the addition of several angel statues resting on the lawn.

At Christmas this year the only decoration was a beautiful-white star placed in the center of their roof's peak. The perfect touch for a home that looked like they lived connected to heaven.

Today as I strode by I nearly tripped. First my mind, then my feet. I could barely absorb the contrast from my earlier thoughts of the angelic owners and now this.

There in the drive way stood two men soaked in mud, wearing army boots, army fatigues, with hunting dogs in cages in the back of their truck. Each man had a gun slung over his shoulder. They were obviously hunters of the serious kind.

Yes, quite a contrast! One of the spouces was a gentle Angelic nature and the other a hunter.

My mind is still adjusting to the stark contrast of angels and hunters on the front lawn long after my coat is hanging back in the closet after the walk.

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