As Autumn Leaves...Discover the Joy of Your Youth

A joy long-remembered from childhood,
of exploring the bright world of Autumn,
is rediscovered one step at a time,
while walking on newly fallen leaves.

There is something irresistible about a walk, when you find dry leaves to glide through. The experience holds the same powerful moments, reminiscent of when you were a child blazing a path through multi-colored leaves on your bike, or laughing and running through them in a friend's back yard. The crackle and crunch of dry leaves--it is magical and lifts your spirit.

On today's walk, I discovered a fenced yard with six birch trees. The tree's long-slender trunks have a mysterious white bark, which covers them like last summer's sunburnt-peeled skin.

The trees had obviously been dropping their small yellow leaves, for the last few days; consequently, the leaves now covered every blade of green grass in the yard. It resembled a rather odd snow fall.

In the middle of the yellow leaves, beside the white trunk of the furthest tree, sat a huge, long-haired black cat, with leaf-yellow eyes--watching. Watching me? Watching for another slowly falling leaf to pounce on?

This scene's color was worth top placement in a Halloween greeting card contest or for us to see on our October's calender photo.

Take a walk, see and enjoy the magical world around you.

Touch life, breathe in fresh air--lift your spirits and discover the treasures in your neighborhood while you create memory mind-pictures at the same time.

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