Today was the most perfect day in all of eternity.

The sun was out, it was 60 degrees and January 4, 2001.

Walking around Cottage Grove enjoying the sights was better than a grey June day in Seattle...and here it was only January.

Today's weather and view made the 50 unpacked moving boxes littering our new home worth the move here.

The hills around town look like puffy feather comforters you can fall into and have your spirit soothed and comforted.

When we moved to Cottage Grove the teenagers big trucks took me by surprise.

No, these are not the lumber trucks but privately owned remade Fords and Chevys.

The owners build them up so high you could walk under them.

It must make maintenance a dream.

The town is not full of hot rod cars, but BIG and TALL trucks.

These trucks are so tall the drivers must have to kick out and unravel a coiled fireladder to climb down from them.

It makes you reflect on how tall their girlfriends must be to pogo-jump up to the passenger's seat.

Wearing dresses on dates would definately be a no-no!

Today on main street a big truck was parked by the curb.

It was covered head to toes in mud.

The beer case in the back was mud spakled.

There must be a story behind this particular truck's life... I will keep walking and searching until the mystery is solved.

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