It was a dark and stormy night. We decided to take a walk at 10 PM towards the river.

The fog hung low on the streets, so our breath could be detected as it hung in the foggy air.

The silent neighborhood's Christmas lights gave an eerie glow through the fog.

The lights looked mysterious in a odd sort of way.

At the river's edge stood the local seven white geese.

The loved this river as much as the town's human residence and they felt no need to fly south for the winter.

Their large feathered bodies were illuminated by the holiday lights of the houses along the river.

The fast moving winter rains had swollen the river to a powerful roaring level.

The only thing heard was the rushing/gushing sound as the ghostly rivers sentinels stood at its bank silhouetted in the dark-misty evening.

If you want to fall in love with the world all over again, take a walk by the river at night, and watch the world go rushing by as you--as you stand in awe.

The river is the blood stream of this area and it continues to do its job even when the town is asleep and the only ones to watch are the geese.

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