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A Cat's Splash for Pet Safety
(To the tune of "Monster Mash: They did the Splash...the kitty Splash. 
It was a poolside smash! They did the Splash: the kitty Splash....)

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Nymbus was recently featured on two TV networks demonstrating pet water safety.
His purr-formances are available for online viewing.


Popular links generating multiple hits are often scheduled for reairing by TV stations!  Please leave a paws-itive comment, or two, after viewing. 
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* Animal Planet's MUST LOVE CATS.

* Eugene TV Stations:



- Seattle's KING 5's, Evening Magazine- also aired on Northwest Cable News.  Every year since September 2006,
my swimming cat segment has aired across the Pacific Northwest and into British Columbia, Canada, INCLUDING, immediately following the 2012 Super Bowl game.

- KVAL TV- leash-walking cats
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