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Mary Ellen helps Nymbus show off his new fluffy fur coat, no comparison to the thinner coat he sported during past TV appearances. He actually resembles a pure bred Persian now, thanks to a new and improved diet. Do you know what REALLY is in the pet food you trustingly feed your beloved pets? The answer will shock you!


"Well, That's It!  I'm through! I've had my fill of  you!
Yeah, That's It!  I'm gone. I'm  moving on.
Well, That's It!  I'm done! This isn't any fun!
Well, That's It!  I'm through - I'm over you!
Well, That's It!   Bye, bye -  It's time I spread my wings and fly."

The chorus to Sammie Thompson's song, "That's It!" says it all regarding my and many pet parents' frustrations over the pet food industry and it's seemingly constant dishing up of tainted food! We wonder, "Are there any 'safe' foods out there?"

Recently, an MSN News report suggested that when something seems to be "wrong" with your pet to, ". . . check what you're feeding it."  As of July, 2012, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has logged more than 900 complaints from dog owners who believe their dogs' illnesses and/or deaths, are/were due to tainted, "made in China" treats, especially the Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brands. "There literally could be tens of thousands of people whose dogs were affected," said Terry Safranek who reported that her fox terrier, Sampson, died of kidney failure. . . after eating Chinese-made chicken jerky treats."

For years, we purr-sisted in feeding our cats commercial pet foods; expensive brands, pretty bags/cans, and/or those seen in "adorable" TV commercials, yet we seemed to be fighting a losing battle in keeping them healthy. Why were they shedding large tufts of fur like cancer patients on chemotherapy, licking their skin into bare "raw" patches; vomiting frequently; urinating excessively, then urinating in inappropriate locations? One day I looked into Miss Wings' normally huge, round eyes and noticed that they were slitted, (as if she had a massive headache), and pleading as if to say, "Please help! I don't feel good."

"Help" came by way of Ann N. Martin's book, "Food Pets Are Dying For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food" (NewSage Press, 2008), which offers wonderful, healthful, home-cooked pet food recipes, in addition to shocking manufactured pet foods' secrets.

"Deceased pets ... are being 'recycled' into pet food. In both the United States and Canada, I learned that the collars, tags, flea collars, and even the plastic bags in which the pets are wrapped, are not removed before they are shoved into the rendering pit," writes Ms. Martin.

How can we trust a pet food industry that adds peanut hulls, hooves, tails, feathers, fur, sawdust, rendered pets, (cats and dogs), animal entrails, diseased/decaying animals, leftover holiday candy, feces and melamine to our pets' food? This "recipe" cannot possibly offer any nutritional value. Rather, it's a "recipe for disaster", rendering our pets into endangered species.

Ms. Martin's book revealed that my cats were not being "picky" or "fussy" eaters; they were wisely snubbing tainted food.

Many pet food consumers are not aware that "Made In The USA" or distributed by "a USA company" does not mean that all of the ingredients originated in the USA. According to pet food advocate Susan Thixton, "They are not! Many Big Pet Food companies' products contain ingredients sourced from China.  Many jerky treats imported from China (linked to over 300 deaths and over 2,000 complaints to the FDA) have Made in USA emblazoned upon the packaging."

Also, veterinarians Dr. Michael W. Fox, Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, and Dr. Marion E. Smart collaborated on the book "Not Fit for a Dog!" which provides an interesting medical perspective on the effects of tainted food on our pets.

Several months ago, I found an antibiotic/hormone-free raw frozen pet food complete with yogurt, carrots, broccoli, kale, and ground flax seeds. I was leery about feeding my cats a raw food diet due to possible salmonella poisoning, but felt it was a "last resort" considering their collective lethargy and immense fur loss. Their usually beautiful fur coats had dwindled to the point of resembling hairy bathing suits.   (

Is raw food expensive? That depends upon one's perspective. No more ill pets/vet bills; no need to buy multiple rolls of paper towels for frequent clean-ups; less wasted food; no more excessive urination (less litter usage). Financially and emotionally, healthier pets are less expensive than ill pets.

After a few days on the new diet, it's as if we have brand new cats! They literally, have "awakened", remaining alert for hours on end and play like kittens. Their fur has grown back  indescribably soft and fluffy. Their eyes are bright and shiny, without any discharge. The grumpiness and cat-i-tude are gone, replaced with sweetness and affection.

The frozen food's packaging is not "gorgeous" like commercial pet foods', but your pets will become gorgeous after eating it!  There is no doubt that our pets will live longer, healthier lives by eating wholesome nutritious food!

Advice from veterinarian Dr. Cathy Alinovi: "Fix the food!!! Hands down, feeding our pets is the biggest thing we do for them; and that food needs to be of the best quality. Since human-grade food is the highest quality available, give them healthy 'people' food. Whether the food is raw or cooked, home-prepared or purchased, there are plenty of sources offering high quality."
Mary Ellen and Whyspurr proudly display her new fur coat.  Whyspurr and her siblings, famous for their 12 "swimming" TV appearances, are now helping to promote pet health! 


What is REALLY in your pets' food? A must watch educational video, "PET FOOD FOOLED"
When a pet becomes ill, first suspect their food as the cause especially if it's been newly-purchased because the composition of ingredients may have changed since your last purchase. Consult your veterinarian and visit for a listing of pet food recalls. Pets can be ill for months before a food is recalled. Follow your instincts; you know your pet better than anyone.

As with all raw meat, handle your pet's raw (meat) pet food with care, especially in a warm environment; do not leave unrefrigerated for more than a few minutes. I prefer to buy my cats' food from a safety-inspected company, rather than making it myself. It took two months to convert my pets to their new diet. Be patient; your pets' health is worth it!

It is easy to report a suspect pet product to the FDA, and better to report, than not. You'll help to save many pets lives and to make the pet food industry accountable for "past ills." To report adverse reactions, contact the FDA at: (425) 483-4949;
Also, report suspect food to the Department of Agriculture (ask for the pet food inspector). Remember to keep a double Zip-locked bagged sample of the suspect food in your freezer; do not mail the food back to the company; rather, notify them via telephone or e-mail with the suspect lot number. We once "made the mistake" of mailing the "evidence" to the manufacturer who promised to  reimburse us for the "bad" food, but never did. Plus, we had no "proof" to send to the FDA inspector.
So, you did not think that pet food was something to be aware of! Below is a list of some of the "Pet Food Recalls" from March-November 2012. If your pet's food is not listed here, it may just be a matter of time--if it hasn't yet--before your pet displays signs of toxicity by vomiting/losing fur/urinating around the house.  Since October 12, 2012 there have been over 1162 pet food/treat recalls, very few are reported in the media.  See a complete list at

Apex Pet Foods Dry Pet Food
AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula
Baby Bird & Baby Macaw Feeding Formula 30
Boots & Barkley Roasted American Pig Ears
Boots & Barkley American Variety Pack Dog Treats
Boots & Barkley American Beef Bully sticks
Canidae Dry Pet Food
Catswell Brand Vitakitty Chicken Breast With Flaxseed And Vitamins
Charlee Bear Protein Crunch Bars - Chicken Recipe with Sweet Potatoes
Charlee Bear Protein Crunch Bars - Chicken Recipe with Carrots
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food
Diamond Pet Foods Dry Dog Food
Diamond Naturals
Diamond Puppy Formula
Dogsbutter RUC with Flax
DuMOR Poultry Grower/Finisher Bags Containing DuMOR Poultry Layer 16% Crumbles
Feed Solutions Feed Products
Kaytee Recalls FortiDiet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster food.
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed LLC Announces Voluntary Recall Of Certain Poultry Feeds
Mazuri® and LabDiet® Feed
Milk Replacer
Natural Balance Pet Foods  Dry Pet Food
Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
Nestle Purina  Therapeutic Canned Cat Food
Nutrena NatureWise Goat Pellets
Pedigree ® Brand Wet Dog Food
Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc. Recalls Dog Food
Urgent: Compounded Prescription Recall
Voluntary Recall of Purina Products
Wardley Advanced Nutrition Perfect Protein Tropical Flake Fish Food
Wellness Super 5 Mix Small Breed Adult Dog Food
Wellpet  One Recipe Of Dry Dog Food
Western Feed
Yoghund Organic Banana & Peanut Butter flavored frozen yogurt dog treats
Additional BIRD and SMALL ANIMAL FOOD Recalls
Garden Conure
Garden Complete Pellet
Garden Guinea Pig/Rabbit
Garden Large Hookbill
Garden Macaw
Garden Parrot
Garden Small Animal
Fortified Large Hookbill
Fortified Large Hookbill
Fortified Parrot
Fruit Veggie Nut TreatNutty Garden & Grain
Magnolia Bird Farm Conure Mix
Magnolia Bird Farm Large Hookbill
Magnolia Bird Farm Hookbill Supreme
Magnolia Bird Farm Parrot Mix
Sunland Peanuts in Shell
Sunland Hulled Peanuts
INFO on above products:
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