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Nevada Cat Lost in Oregon at Christmas

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Purreau, a 5-year-old cat visiting from Nevada wandered out of his Cottage Grove human grandparent's home over the holidays. An APB (All Points Bulletin) is out for his safe return! Watch for a shy smokey-grey cat. Hopefully Purreau's orange collar with it's yellow ID tag and gold bell are still on him, but they could have fallen off. His WANTED photographs are posted at the police station, This 'n' That shop at 33 N. 8th Street, behind Bank of America, and the vet clinics.

It is a holiday nightmare!  Mike and his wife, Maria Elena, arrived in Cottage Grove to visit his parents for the holidays with their cat Purreau, who then ran out of the house.

"Five months ago, we found Purreau in a Californian SPCA shelter," said Mike. "Maria Elena brought him home to us in Nevada. Just like her, I loved him on sight. We never could understand why Purreau was at the shelter for a year because he's the neatest cat. I guess no one understood the value of a 5 year old cat. What a pity. He’s priceless. At night, Purreau jumps up onto our bed, pokes his nose under the covers, crawls down into the sheets, and sleeps cuddled between us until morning. He’s a love bug and we are so worried about him."

"In the mornings," adds Maria Elena, "Purreau follows us into the bathroom and stands between us as we get ready to start our day. He loves being with us."

Purreau is shy with other people and this is going to go against his rescue. It is not likely that he will approach anyone. Possibly being hungry might help him break this boundary. How upsetting to be in a shelter, rescued, and then be lost and in dire need of being rescued again!

"Purreau has long fur that is a pretty dark-smoke-grey color, and he has amber eyes. His right ear has been clipped. The slightly clipped ear is a clear sign for his recognition," said Maria Elena hopefully, "in case his yellow ID tag, and gold bell, on his orange collar have fallen off him."

"The last time Purreau ate was December 26th at noon," said Mike. "Cats can wander over ˝ mile a day, so Purreau can be anywhere."

Purreau's human grandparents, Alice and Joe, live in the subdivision behind the Cottage Grove fire station but he could have wandered in any direction. Hopefully the children in the area are on alert for the shy cat. Kids see everything.

In the five months they have had Purreau, Mike and Maria Elena have driven him to Cottage Grove, San Francisco and Reno 6 times. Their cat is an excellent traveler and good company on the long trips.

"When I went to the humane society and found Purreau I watched him watching people - then he'd follow them. He was obviously looking for someone. He must have had lost someone very special to him because of their death or the economy. Now he is precious to us and we are searching for him. He's good with children and lets our grandchildren brush him. Purreau rode the entire trip to Cottage Grove resting in my lap.

When we first got him, Purreau hid under the TV stand, which has a 2" clearance. He was so shy, he wouldn’t come out until we went to bed. My girlfriend has two cats Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Slowly, Purreau began investigating our home, so we named him Purreau because of the PBS TV series on Detective Peirot. I am 64 years old and this is the first cat I’ve had and I love him. It was a sad trip going home without him," said Maria Elena. "Hopefully the good people of Cottage Grove and this article will reunite us with our cat!"

Please forward this article on the internet at: and tell your friends that if they see/can catch Purreau contact the Human Society of Cottage Grove so he can be returned to his family. 541 942-2789.


“Most inside cats, once outside, are terrified and find someplace to hide, under a bush, car, somewhere close,” advises Janetta Overholser, president of The Humane Society of Cottage Grove. “Check around your house/yard, then move out to the neighborhood. You can also use a live cat trap baited with their food too.”

When you lose a pet:

- Place some of your dirty laundry on the porch, or in the area, so your pet can smell where you are. In cold weather, place it in a box to keep them warm.

- Visualize a pink ribbon from your heart to the lost pet. Prayers and visualization are energy, energy is real, it travels, and pets are telepathic communicators. Give your pets a heart link to find their way home.

- Use your particular whistle, call, squeak etc. to call your pet. Go around the neighborhood making this same sound. Hopefully it will hear and come to you.

- What feeding ritual do you have for your pet that makes them run to you? Shake the pet’s food container? Run a can opener? Walk outside and repeatedly call them this way. Or if they love treats, call them the same way you do using the treat bag.”

- If you find your cat hiding close to the house. Place recognizable saucers/dishes with a “TINY” bit of food in each one like Hansel and Gretel treats up to your door, and one saucer inside the open door. The first day the saucers can be 4 feet apart, the next day 8 feet until the hungry animal eagerly goes into the house for more food.
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