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Cat and Mouse-Capade

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
No mouse was hurt during this photograph session!

Sunday morning before breakfast, Myster E. and Nymbus, twin 6-year-old Silver Persians, dragged Mr. Angel Scribe, who wishes to remain anonymous, into an unexpected cat and mouse-capade.


It is a well-known fact that people with pets have FUR-niture, especially those with long-haired pets!  We have four white Persians, and our home resembles a haunted house.  Fur hangs off lamp shades and rolls across floors like little, mystical dust bunnies!

Our corduroy chair is a cat-hair magnet. The words chair and hair have a lot in common!

The green chair grabs white fur out of thin air like velcro and self-decorates. Finally, tired of fighting nature, we decided on locating a leather recliner and gave the green fur-covered chair away.  Fur rolls off leather, and it can join the other fur bunnies running across the floor. What a thrill visualizing wearing dark clothes again and not having white fur cling to them! For months, we watched newspaper ads for a used leather recliner.

Imagine! We found one for $25!  We must admit it is a bit rickety, and it does lean to the left, but it is leather and it is not a cat-fur magnet.

I kept asking the previous owner why he was getting rid of it so cheaply.  He seemed evasive and "forgot" to mention its extra little accessory--a "free" mouse.

Unaware, we moved the chair into our living room and, uncharacteristically, the cats fought each other to sit in it.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Nymbus and Myster E. decided to share and sleep on the new chair together.
There were two or three cats napping on it at one time.  So instead of warding off fur, the chair was covered with cats and lined with their beautiful-shedding fur coats!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Soon, the cats spread out, still no room for us on the chair!
Two days later, I became suspicious.  Why were the cats coveting the chair and not sleeping on their cat condos, in front of the large windows, like they normally do?

Nymbus crawled under the chair and I thought, "Hmmmm. Did we just buy a $25 mouse-house!"

The next morning, there were no cats in the living room.  How exciting!  Finally, space for me on the chair!  I sat down, and enjoy that unmistakable squeak only leather makes.

As I nestled into the chair, leaning at bit to the left, bursting with pride at our wonderfully priced purchase, we heard Nymbus give an unmistakable cat call from the other room. 

Cats make a distinct, muffled noise when their mouth is full of some hunted treasure, and they are alerting you to the gift they want to "present" to you. "Yahoo! Come see what I have!"

It is never a fun discovery. In the summer it is bugs and little garden snakes from the "cat castle."

Remembering the mouse thought from the night before, I said to my husband, "This one has your name on it!"  Was this possibly the reason all the cats had mysteriously migrated to the other room?

Suddenly the quiet Sunday morning exploded into mayhem.

Words of caution to any mouse reading this article! "When a home has a herd of cats, do not move in; it is not good for your health."  All the cats and my husband scurried after the mouse; the cats and the mouse were more agile and much faster than Mr. Angel Scribe.

I was not sure what my husband was thinking, dashing around in his half-open blue bathrobe, but the cats were more focused.  You could read their minds, "Yum, fast food. Breakfast! Meal on the run!"

My husband began moving furniture, lifting, and looking under it, always with a cat or two intensely scanning the object in his hands.

Finally, the terrified little gray mouse ran under a desk, and Nymbus grabbed it in his mouth.  My husband quickly bent over, grabbed the cat, and carried them both outside to let the mouse go.  I bravely watched from behind the closed French doors.

Now, we are hoping the mouse was not a mother and that there aren't any more little surprises in the "new" chair.

A friend wisely advised, "If you have a mouse, the cushion might squeak!" Oh, boy! I hope not! Now when we sit in the leather chair and it squeaks, I will be wondering exactly why!

In the meantime, we are looking for a second used leather recliner, and we refuse to buy any mice with it this time!  Our cats are going to be very disappointed.

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Now cautious, we turned the chair upside down, with a some help, to see if there were any more "little extras" that came with the chair!  Luckily, after a thorough investigation none were found! 
Congratulations on your new pet! But, is your new pet hissing off your other pets? Our pets often recognize each other by smell not sight.

For example: When one of our cats returns from a veterinary appointment, the other cats hiss at them.  The trick is to make them smell more like home.

Then take the t-shirt or PJ's you wore yesterday and gently rub the animal down.  Now, they smell like they belong in your home and your other pets will accept them more readily.
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