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Mary Ellen and Nymbus...Holiday movie stars
Happy holiday season from Mary Ellen & Nymbus.
At the age of five-years-old Mary Ellen discovered that pets have the power to heal broken hearts, add comfort to our lives, and lead us to miracles!


Who we are in our youth,
and what we love...
as we age...
is who we become.
- Mary Ellen -
Pets mean the world to many of us and December's Tips 'n' Tales features pet miracles.
When I was three years old, my siblings and I were placed in foster homes until our mother regained her health from tuberculosis. It was almost two years before we were reunited as a family.
Early one morning shortly after we were reunited, I walked down the dark hallway and was startled to discover a little-black Persian kitten! 
He was baseball-sized, a black dandelion puff of a kitten with huge baby-blue eyes! Kiddy-Kat was the magic that completed our family.  The moment I saw him, I realized the power of a pet to heal. We named him Kiddy-Kat, and he became the magic that healed the sadness we had carried since our family's unexpected breakup. 
Pets have the power to heal hurting hearts, the power to make us smile, and to add memories to our lives.
Then, 31 years later another cat, a Silver Persian, led me into the world of miracles and to becoming an international author on two books on miracles, Expect Miracles and A Christmas Filled With Miracles.

Can you imagine the horror of taking a pet on vacation and losing it?   At the time, pet ID chips were not available.  Only my ingenuity and tenacity were the powers available to  help locate the missing cat....or so I thought!
My husband and I put our two shaded-silver Persian cats, Channel and Camalot, into the camper and headed out on vacation.  We drove for six hours from Canada to Lake Chelan in Washington.  At the campsite, we put the cats on their harnesses.  The next time we turned around Camalot had wiggled free of his harness. He was nowhere to be seen. 

This shy, gentle cat had been raised in a cage by a breeder.  He was not prepared to fend for himself.

We spent our entire 'vacation' walking around the town calling, "Liver, liver, liver."   It was Camalot's favorite treat, and he always came to it....except this time.

We wandered the streets day and night going from the radio station, to the newspaper office, and to local schools searching and alerting people about our missing kitty.
At 4:00 AM on the third day, we were exhausted and we knew it was our last chance to find Camalot as our vacation time had run out.  We had done everything humanly possible to find him, and it was obvious that locating him was out of our hands.
At this point, I passed my heart into the hands of God and said, "Dear God, If you are really out there, if you really exist, please show me where my cat is."

The most unusual thing happened next! Invisible hands of God, or hands of loving Angels, were placed on my back and directed me in the opposite direction from where we'd been searching.

These hands shifted the pressure at street crossings directing me which way to turn. We turned to the right, and walked another block; then they guided me to the end of the street. I followed their direction for a quarter of a mile to a location we had not searched, when in an instant the feeling of the guiding hands lifted as mysteriously as they had appeared!

I called "C-a-m-a-l-o-t"  and heard a cat meow.  Camalot slowly crawled out from under a bush.  He blinked his huge green Disney eyes.
It was a miracle!

When we carried Camalot back into the camper and placed him in front of the water bowl, Channel walked right over to him and smacked him on the head with her paw, with a look as if to say, "You sure caused a lot of trouble."

May Camalot's miracle offer you hope in your life.

If you lose a  pet, visualize a pink ribbon from your heart to the pet's.  Apparently, lost pets follow this vibrational lead back to you ... or lead you to them.  The lead is active whether the pet is alive or dead.  Possibly this is the link some pets follow for thousands of miles to return home.
A woman's cat was missing for three days; she had looked everywhere for it! Then she visualized the pink ribbon and walked outside.  She explained, "I walked the same route as before, but this time I could feel my cat.  Sadly, I found her dead by the side of the road. I found her in a matter of minutes and did not have to spend the rest of my life worrying if she was okay."
Our family also used this technique to bring a lost bunny home.  Luckily he was fine, making us all very 'hoppy.'

Tina, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in Bellingham, Washington, said, "Several years ago, our cat was lost for a week. I used the pink ribbon technique, and he came home that very night!  I put a photograph of him and a pink ribbon connecting him to our home on our bulletin board. He was skinnier and scared, but he was home - that's all we cared about!"

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