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TV Mew-vie Stars
Nymbus, wearing his light weight harness, is waiting for his walk.
Cats, like dogs, enjoy exploring outside. Leash training cats is easier than you think. 
During yesterday's winter rain squalls it was a bit of a trick filming the "How to walk your cat" segment for KVAL TV, but camera man Loren and host Ty Steele managed a short fun clip for you to view.



 *  Teach your cats to love walking on a leash.
*  Build a safe outside cat enclosure.
*  Teach your cats to love bike riding.
*  Teach your cats to love car rides
* Teach your cats to swim for their safety.

Cat TV Mew-vie Stars!
Watch Angel Scribe's celebra-cats swimming on Animal Planet's
As soon as we know the air date we will let you know!
Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimmingMary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen, Pet Tips 'n' Tales Columnist, and her swimming cats!
Millions of YouTube hits on Eugene, Oregon's KMTR TV!
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