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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
Tips 'n' Tales Newspaper Columnist
with Miss Wings

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Photo by Millie's new mother Jessica.
Holiday Miracle of two abandoned dogs, Millie and Reyki.
A miracle story you will never forget because of the HOPE it offers.



Jessica wanted a small dog, and in today's modern world, anyone can sit at home and look at available pets on the Internet. and permits viewers to search all breeds of pets at shelters and humane societies. The invent of Petfinders is a blessing for connecting pets and people into families.

Jessica did not have any preference for age or breed, and soon a cute dog caught her eye.

So Jessica went to the shelter and met Millie, a small-shy white Jack Russell-Terrier-Dachshund mix.  She  discovered a completely immobilized dog fearful of her surroundings.

Jessica explains, "I had never seen a more fearful dog. But after a few minutes, she fell asleep in my lap from sheer exhaustion. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving her there, and didn't.  A lady at the shelter said, "Oh, I am so glad you are taking Millie, she has been so upset since her sister was adopted."

A year later, Jessica and Millie were walking in a park close to their home.  As the year had passed, Millie had become more relaxed, but for some reason remained terrified of other dogs.

As they were returning home something out of the ordinary happened, bordering on the miraculous!

Millie who was always so good on her leash, put on her doggy brakes and refused to move.

It did not matter what Jessica did, she could not coax or budge Millie.

Jessica focused on Millie and saw that Millie had locked eyes with another dog across the busy two lane street. Jessica relived the experience, "I told her we had to go home, but she still would not budge. I again tugged gently on her lead, but she was frozen. Since she usually runs from other dogs this behavior was bewildering. 
The woman with the little brown dog was crossing the street, heading towards us, so I asked her if we could say 'hello.'  The woman, Anna, stopped, and the dogs began the customary friendly-dog-dance of greeting. 

Anna asked, "What kind of dog is that?" I told her, and she said, "That is amazing!  So is my dog!"  "The dogs are not immediately recognizable as the same mixed breed, as Anna's dog is brown like a Dachshund and Millie is white like Jack Russell.

We chatted some more and realized that we had adopted them on the same day, from the same shelter; Family Dogs New Life Shelter. Stunned, I asked, "Is your dog's name Libby?"  Anna's eyes opened wide and she said, "How would you know my dog's name? It was Libby and is now Reyki."

I explained that Millie's shelter paperwork mentioned two siblings arriving together from a neglectful and possibly abusive home. Yes!  Our dogs are sisters! A year later they still recognized each other.  This expands our thinking on the emotional connection of pets! Our dogs have the same sweet faces. They are small dogs, and the fact that Millie saw her sister through the street traffic is amazing!"

Anna adds, "My experience is exactly the same as Jessica's!  Reyki and I were on our morning walk, and suddenly Reyki stopped dead in her tracks.  She was gazing intently at a little dog across the street.  I tried to move her along but she wouldn't move.  I gave in and told her we could go say hello to the dog.  We crossed the street and while Reyki and Millie lovingly sniffed one another, Jessica and I chatted about our dogs...quickly discovering the unbelievable coincidence. 

My jaw dropped when we realized we were in the presence of a family reunion!  We exchanged phone numbers so we could get the dogs together again.  It is amazing to see these two little dogs together. They were so shy and fearful when we first adopted them.  They popped in to this world ready to love with all their hearts and just were not given that chance during the first year of their lives.  Now they both have safe and secure homes, and are healthy, happy, playful, and loving.  Not only are Reyki's and Millie's lives better, but our lives are better because of them.  This speaks to the beauty of pet adoption."

As we know, it is a big world and another interesting twist to their miracle reunion is that the ladies were walking their dogs by a Portland Park, and discovered that they both had attended the same high school in Eugene, at the same time!  Anna and Jessica have already had a few puppy-play dates and plan on more!  Obviously, the power of love transcends and permeates pets as well as humans.



The word 'Dumb' when referring to pets, does not mean they are lacking in intelligence. It refers to their lack of verbal communication abilities with humans.
According to the Webster Dictionary 'dumb' means; lacking the power of speech, mute, inability to talk. 
People with pets are well aware of the intelligence, power to reason and talents their pets exhibit.  And yes, their strong desire to  communicate with us in other forms rather than words.

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
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