A Christmas Pollyantha
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A Christmas Pollyantha
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A Christmas Pollyantha
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Margaret, Wayne with Polly, a 5 year old Yorkie-Poodle
Dressed for Christmas Celebrations

Ten years ago, December, Margaret's husband, Wayne, fell off a ladder, and sustained a traumatic head injury. 
He can no longer walk or talk.

Polly arrived into their lives, to brighten it, as a Christmas gift, five years ago, from their son.
Margaret says, "Polly is our JOY."

This little dog, provides an invaluable service to Wayne and Margaret.

Polly sits on Wayne's lap for hours. 
She keeps Wayne calm, and from reaching out, when in stores, and possibly hurting himself, or others.

She is the original lap warmer, and when she sits on Wayne, she does not move. 
Like a frozen-furry statue, she understands that it is her job, to take care of him.

Polly's position in the family, has been elevated to bonafide family member.

Margaret shyly shares, "We bought a highchair, so Polly can sit at our dinner table. 
She eats off her own little plates, this way, she can keep an eye on Wayne."

Margaret laughs that Polly has a better wardrobe than she does.
"Her dowery includes, a princess outfit, (of course!), wedding dress, blue jeans, and a special outfit for each holiday."

Last Easter, Margaret found the cutest dress, and colorful Easter doggy-bonnet for Polly.

Margaret admits, "She looked so cute!  I dressed her up, put on her bonnet, and took her to church. 
Polly jumped out of the car, and ran into the church ahead of us. 
She bolted passed an elderly gentleman, who had just had cataract surgery. 
Startled, he turned to the preacher and said, 'What was that?' 
The preacher said, 'Oh, that's Margaret and Wayne's dog.' 
The elderly gentleman replied, 'Oh good! It looked like the ugliest kid I ever saw!'"

Polly brings light to Margaret and Wayne's dark days, "The love she has for us, fills our hearts.  She is there for us.
We love that she is so sweet and cuddly."

Margaret believes naming pets is important.
Polly's name is short for, Pollyantha, and is derived from an interesting combination of names.
As a child, Margaret's father nicknamed her, Polly, her aunt's name is Antha, and her mother's name was Rose. 
One day, on the radio, the announcer described a beautiful old fashioned rose, called a Pollyantha. 
And that is how Pollyantha got her name! 
Polly's High Chair         Polly's clothes
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"       Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Polly's High Chair                        Polly's Clothes Closet

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