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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

4 Dogs 4 Baby
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Kevyn with Syd, Holden with Ellie-Mae, Mary with Scout, and Stephanie
holding the newest member of their family 4 month old Tyeson...
who just discovered dog ears on Griffen!



Mary is recognized around town because of her fifteen years of friendly customer service at The Flower Basket on 6th Street.  This year, looking at the store's exceptionally beautiful decorations and thousands of unique gifts has her counting her blessings this holiday season.  The biggest one, she proudly announces, is the recent birth of her now four month old grandson, Tyeson. 

Mary, her husband, Kevyn, and their daughter, Stephanie who lives with them, have four loving adult dogs.  The family had the foresight to plan Tyeson's introduction with their dogs while he was still in the hospital.  What they did is something we all can do to calm pets who are not used to having children around.

The day after Tyeson was born, a hospital nurse handed Mary his new-born-knit cap, "Have your dogs investigate and sniff the baby's scent, before he comes into your home."

With cap in hand, Mary arrived home and called the dogs to her. They gathered around her and smelled the cap.  Three of the dogs casually sniffed the cap and immediately got bored and left.  Scout took an intense interest in the tiny knit cap.
When Stephanie arrived with Tyeson, the dogs excitedly bounded over to greet them.  The dogs curiously sniffed and looked at the baby.  Soon, they wandered off to do other doggy things.

But, an unusual thing took place, Scout did not leave, she stayed by Tyeson's side...and has not left.

Mary describes their initial meeting, "Infatuated, Scout sat watching and wondering who and what Tyeson was." She laughs, "Scout's posture resembled the RCA dog, sitting frozen, as if memorized, staring at Tyeson."

Now 4 months later, Scout is still constantly by Tyeson's side.   Mary says, "When the baby is on the floor, Scout lays close by proudly watching his every move.  When Tyeson cries, Scout comes and gets one of us to tend the baby.  When our son, Holden, is lying on the couch with Tyeson, all four dogs go up to them and take turns washing the baby's face."

Mary's dogs are not allowed squeaky toys, because they go nuts trying to get the squeaker out of the toy, and in the process destroy the toys.   But like most babies, Tyeson has squeaky--toys and Mary says, "We tell the dogs that the toys are Tyeson's and they leave them alone.  I have to admit though, that when the toys are squeaked all four dogs sure get excited!"

We are thrilled how easily our dogs and grandson blended into our family.  We never thought that Scout would be Tyeson's protector, but she leaped into that role.

Now with Tyeson and the dogs, Christmas is going to be a heart warming photographic and memory making time for our family!



Before children visit a child-free pet's home, ahead of the visit consider sending an article of their clothing for pets to become familiar with the children's scent.

Want to teach your cats to enjoy car rides?  If you only take them to a Veterinarian clinic, they are smart enough not to want anything to do with cars.  Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" taught her cats that car rides are fun by driving them around looking at Christmas lights.  A litter box is always kept in the same spot in the car for the cat's comfort and the vehicle's protection!  Never leave home without one!

While scanning a street looking for homes decorated with holiday lights, the human riders, in the car, express excitement when they spot one. Mary Ellen's cats joyfully sit on the back window ledge or put their paws on the car's window sill, gazing out at the Christmas lights with the cheerful vehicle occupants.  This way her cats know a car ride is going to be fun, and not always a direct ride to a vet clinic!
Precautionary tips; put an ID chip in your pet in case it jumps out of the vehicle, keep pets on a harness and leash while in the car, lock the car windows so they wont step on the automatic down button, remember the litter box!  Even on a winter day, or an over cast day, heat can quickly build up inside a car.  Never leave a pet unattended in a car.

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
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