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Christmas Sox
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Hannah and Sox,
Celebrate his Christmas Adoption 
Four years ago, Sox was Hannah's Christmas present.

Hannah's mother, Sheri, took her to the Humane Society, they now call it, Saint Nick's Kitty Shop.
Hannah spent three hours, choosing just the right pet. 

The staff, at the Shelter, were reluctant to sell them Sox. 
They were concerned about  Hannah's young age. 
But Sox has worked out beautifully, for the entire family...and Sox.

Hannah, now 6-years old says, "My cat, Sox, is a very special kitty.  He is funny, cuddly, and soft.

When I'm sad, he comes and snuggles with me. 
He is a very playful, and likes to chase strings. 

I love him very much, and I have a special place for him, in my heart."

Sheri admits, "Sox is the best present we have ever given Hannah! 
Their special connection is obvious to everyone. 
We even nicknamed him 'the child therapist.'
When Hannah dresses Sox in baby doll hats and clothes, he patiently sits in the baby carriage, looking rather bored...waiting for her to grow up.

Most people are surprised to learn that Hannah is Sox's primary care taker. 
She makes sure all his needs are met, and for a young child, she is an amazing pet guardian. 
Hannah has a special tooth brush for his teeth, and says, "Brushing his teeth, helps his breath not smell bad."

I hope Tips 'n' Tales readers consider adopting a pet.  If you can provide them with a good home filled with patience and love. 
Having Sox in our family is truly rewarding.  He has contributed wonderful memories, and is adored by all of us."

People with long hair cats and dogs know the truth. Prepare to have your home and clothes, covered in fur!

Pat, a TIPS 'n' TALES reader, in Chehalis, Washington writes, "My long haired pets don't shed.
They inject their fur into everything, that they get near!
Especially if the object is black, and they are not!"

Long hair dogs and Persians, require daily brushing.
A Furminator brush helps eliminate 60-80% of your pets' fur, from floating around your home.

This also helps prevent hair balls from forming in their stomachs. 
Hair balls compact in a pet's digestive system; causing constipation, lack of appetite and serious ones require surgical removal.

Prevent hair balls from forming on your Persian; keep their tummy, and under arm fur trimmed to inch.

Christmas Pet

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