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Mazie's "all time" favorite cat is Melagro, a formerly stray cat who mysteriously appeared at Christmas when she most needed a miracle.

"Melagro"-The Christmas Miracle
"My home is in the woods and everyone refers to me as 'the rescue lady' because I rescue all species of animals, including wildlife. Two years ago December, a stray cat 'somehow' appeared in our garage (perhaps due to the neon 'Welcome!' sign invisible to all but strays). She looked up at me, opened her mouth and cried. For me it was 'love at first sight'. My heart melted, and I knew that I had to help and care for this beautiful black and smoke-colored calico stray sporting a gorgeous lion's mane.
I placed the little lioness's food bowls on the decks of our main house and cabin so I could view her comings and goings to the woods through the glass doors.

She appeared only briefly in the evenings glancing furtively at me, fearful of our two rescue dogs. Then the weather turned bitterly cold, followed by snow making it more of a chore to feed her outside. I also feared for her well-being in such inclement weather so I moved her feeding station into the detached garage, away from the main house. (Our garage is by no means 'normal' as it is filled with animal food/feed for all the rescues, versus cars, etc.)

It was never my intent to capture her, considering her feral status. Previous experience taught me that I must be content with the privilege of feeding her and speaking to her from a distance. I have done this for many other wild cats over the years, day after day, until the day comes that they fail to show up and I know they've instead shown up in heaven.

After a fresh snowfall on Christmas day 2012, I headed to the garage to feed her before setting out to visit the grandchildren. I placed her food bowl on the garage floor, greeting her 'Merry Christmas little one!'. She answered immediately with a loud 'Meow!' so I sat down with her to continue our 'conversation'. I said, 'You need to trust me enough to let me scratch you behind the ears.' It was like she understood every word because then this 'wild' cat surprised me by wandering right over to me and jumping into my lap!

Oh, my goodness, what is going on! I obeyed her body language and fulfilled my promise to scratch her behind her ears. She responded by rubbing all over me; the 'battle' was over! I noticed upon closer inspection that she was a mess, her Persian coat tangled and flea-ridden with pitch, small twigs and weed seeds present, also.

I had left the car warming up in the driveway and needed to get going to the grandkids' so I carried her into my office along with food, water, a litter box and my promise to return shortly. Since this 'miracle' occurred on Christmas morning I named my previously 'untouchable' kitty Melagro, Spanish for Miracle.

For the next three nights I slept on the office sofa to be near her. I cleaned her up as best I could, brushing out or cutting off the fur knots, and she just sat there while I 'tortured' her! Then she would lay on my chest and purr, lick my face, and sleep. It was like I had raised her from a kitten, rather than her coming to me as a stray. We had actually rescued each other. Melagro helped to fill the void left from my son's unexpected passing.

After a trip to the vet she was cleared to be introduced into the house and to our two other rescued cats. (Melagro had already 'made friends' with the dogs as they accompanied me back and forth to the office to stoke the wood stove).

Melagro is a charmer and always comes when I call her no matter what she is doing or where she is. At first, she did not get along with our other cats so I exclaimed, 'This is a house of love; no fighting please!' and ever since it's been 'peace on earth'.

The minute I sit down, Melagro plops herself down into my lap and drapes her body over me. Then she stands up to lick my nose, face, and hands. Then she grabs my hands and 'makes' me pet her! Just like this video:
  She also sits near me while I am on the computer and gives me unconditional love when I am feeling blue.

Melagro is such a delight; she is my all-time favorite cat and I am forever grateful she found me! What a beautiful Christmas gift for both of us!"


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