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Main Street
Chistmas Kitty

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Books on Main, owner Sue Henderson
with her Grandson, Will, reading to Rajah


When Sue Henderson bought her used bookstore, Books on Main in 1997 it came with a full time fur employee.

Rajah, a gentle female tabby, was tucked in amongst the books with her meager personal belongings.

Rajah has spent her entire life in the store, as head mouser, guard cat and hostess for over 15 years.  No one knows her real age or how she got the job!

Now, because of her advanced years, she can be found sleeping in the store's comfy green chair. She is lovingly referred to as, "Queen of the Chair."

Rajah recalls, "Years ago, a young woman would come into the store every day.  She played Hide 'n Seek with me, up and down the book aisles.  It was so much fun! She does not play with me anymore...but her little boy does! Then we look at books on dinosaurs, sharks, whales and trains together."

Rajah, "This a special time of year!  My human pets are excited, they put a decorated tree in the middle of the store! Now by my front window, there is a man with a white beard, dressed in a red suit sitting in a rocking chair.  The oddest thing is, he never, ever moves! He just sits there and reads all day and all night. I can't get him to pet me!"

I over heard a customer say, "Children write letters to Santa Claus, and he brings them presents."  So, I am going to scratch out a note asking my human pets for a new bed." 

Rajah, "I read in one of my pet's many treasure books, that Ivy, Tulips, Yuccas, Lilies of the Valley, and Poinsettias contain poisons that lead to nausea and vomiting. Also, the berries of mistletoes and hollies may cause collapse.

Yuck, it doesn't make much sense to have them in a house with a pet does it? I was tempted to taste them before, but I decided to eat Christmas turkey instead."

Kitty Obit

The story of Sue Henderson and her Books on Main store kitty Rajah was published in Pet Tips 'n' Tales in the Cottage Grove Sentinel, December 13, 2006.

We are sorry to report that Rajah died peacefully in her sleep March 2008.

Sue says, "Rajah was beloved by everyone. She had many people- friends who came to visit her during her eighteen years with us."
Story of the New Adoptee at Books on Main
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
The beautiful ladies at Books on Main, Sue, Tracy and Motor

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