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Mary Ellen and Nymbus...Holiday movie stars
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Santa Comes to Town

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Santa Comes to Cat Town
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Happiest of Holidays from
Santa, Myster E. & Nymbus,
Mary Ellen, Miss Wings & Whyspurr


Miss Wings, the cat featured weekly, in the Tips 'n' Tails photo, is a Christmas miracle.

She was born in Boston, Maine, December 8th, to a mother who had lost 7 litters of kittens.
Not one live birth!
On Miss Wing's birthday, her sibling was born first, dead, then the breeder saw another kitten presenting breach.
She helped the mother cat deliver the kitten, so she pulled on its tail, assuming it was dead.

What happened next surprised everyone.
The kitten mewed.
The breeder said, "Over the next few weeks, her tail atrophied and fell off, leaving her a little fluffy tail, like a reindeer tail."

Mary Ellen, who was recuperating from cancer, told her family, "All I want for Christmas is a Silver Persian kitten."
Her friends and family frantically searched, no one found any kittens.

The breeder had read Mary Ellen's Miracle Books, "Expect Miracles" and "A Christmas Filled With Miracles" and they connected through emails.
The day after Christmas, the breeder phoned Mary Ellen and offered her the kitten.

Because of Mary Ellen's on-line Internet, "Angels and Miracle newsletter," she asked her readers for help, in flying the miracle kitten to Cottage Grove.

Within hours, a woman wrote that she would drive it across 5 States, hoping someone else would transport it a few more.
A pilot, who flies from Maine to Seattle, offered to bring the kitten.

Two flight attendants, on two other airlines, offered their help, and one business woman in San Francisco, who flies to Maine often, said she would pick up the kitten, fly back to San Francisco, then drive her up to Cottage Grove.
But, a fourth woman was determined to be the carrier of this little miracle kitten, when it was old enough to fly.

So, when her boyfriend gave her $400 to treat herself to something nice, for Valentines day, she bought a ticket from her Maryland home to Eugene.

Mary Ellen, and her 50,000 Internet newsletter readers, watched the kitten as she grew, through internet photos.

Miss Wings name is derived from two sources.
She earned her wings flying across America, and is also named after Monica, in Touched by an Angel TV show.

Miss Wings is now the mother of three, four-year-old triplets, known as the Winglets.

The fur family is now famous for their swimming technique; featured in the British YOUR CAT magazine, 3 TV news segments and The Register Guard.

This year, the cats were excited to have Santa visit, and asked for catnip and toy mice for Christmas.

Just like last year, on Christmas Eve, the Winglets plan to sleep under the Christmas tree, so they can try to catch Santa filling their stockings.

Many readers, wanted to know how Myster E. is doing from last years pet food poisoning.
He was very ill, but just this month, has become stronger and healthier. 
He has already climbed the Christmas tree four times!

Vet bills at Christmas are no fun, so if you have an active pet, do not decorate with tinsel or angel hair. 
Animals who ingest them, can develop deadly bowel impaction. 
Plastic bulbs, instead of glass ones, are great for pets who insist that shiny ornaments are pretty balls to play with.

Do not put a chemical preserver in your tree's water, pets think the water is their private drinking dish.

Cats tongues are barbed, and once a string or ribbon is in their mouth, they cannot spit it out. 
Watch your pets while you wrap gifts and clean up after.

Check empty boxes and large shopping bags, cats think they are new houses!

Keep chocolate and raisons away from dogs, they can be fatal.

Turkey and chicken bones are not safe for pets, they splinter and harm the animals internally.

Note: Christmas pet beds filled with cedar, some animals are allergic to them.

Keep your pets safe and enjoy the holiday season.

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