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A Miracle for Kosmo

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Jamie is grateful for the timely miracle that united her with her cat for the second time!


Kosmo is a hard to miss Maine Coon cat. He is a huge-smokey tabby with lots of purrsonality and a puffy gray tail to match. He loves to eat and weighs 15 pounds!

Jamie adopted him in 2004 from  At the time, Kosmo was a gangly teenager who never met a human he couldn't tame! I'm proof," laughs Jamie.

"He's not purrfect," admits Jamie, "he does have one flaw! He loves tormenting our neighbor's dog. Kosmo sits just outside the dog's rope length and gives his best aloof cat expression. It drives the dog mad; he barks furiously and snarls. Kosmo nonchalantly washes his paw, totally ignoring the dog.

One evening, I realized we had not seen Kosmo since lunch. I wasn't too worried, knowing he has a collar and an ID tag in case he wanders too far. I called and called for him; the neighbors must have thought I was nuts!

Then there was a knock on our front door, and our "dog" neighbor said, "This afternoon, Kosmo was "playing" with my dog.  He was hiding inside our car bumper and kept dashing out for sneak attacks."

She was worried that he might have been inside the bumper when her husband drove to work, about eight blocks away.

I jumped into my car and drove to the area. I called and called for Kosmo to no avail. Next, I did the usual "lost animal routine": called all the vets, checked the shelters, and put up fliers. Sadly, no response.

A few weeks went by. I finally accepted the fact that Kosmo was gone for good and hoped he would find a loving home with lots and lots of food, as he is a big eater.

Then, after a total of eight weeks without Kosmo, I was visiting a friend who lives 10 miles away. While standing in her kitchen, a familiar fluffy-gray tail bound past me. I did a double take! I was shocked! It was Kosmo!

My friend said, "A few weeks ago, this cat showed up on our doorstep, and it REFUSED to leave. I knew someone would be missing him because he is such a sweet kitty. He was not wearing a collar, so we took him to the vet to see if he had a microchip, which he doesn't.  So, we are in the process of rehoming him."

She'd actually found someone to take him, the day before, but luckily for our family, the person was delayed.

My family was thrilled when I arrived home with Kosmo!  He was exhausted from his trek "on the wild side." He slept for days.

Kosmo is VERY skinny, but he is still full of love, and in desperate need of lots of belly rubs!  We've made up for all of our lost cuddle time of the past 2 months.

Today, Kosmo is still an independent cat, but he never roams far. He has a new ID collar AND an ID chip. Kosmo also leaves the neighbor's dog alone," admits Jamie.


When your pet jumps up onto furniture or counter tops, take empty tin cans, or soda cans, put stones or pennies into them and place on the edge of the furniture or counter.  When the pet lands on the furniture, the cans tumble to the floor causing unexpected noise.  The old method of squirting pets with water only associates you with the water bottle, and they react to you.  The cans are totally independent of you and are available for action when you are not in the room.

Dogs who love to dig up your yard also love the gift of their very own sand box.  Bury their favorite toys in the sand, and they will spend hours entertaining themselves leaving your backyard alone.  Place a cover over the sand box to keep kitties from using it as their litter box!
(Turtle sand boxes come with lids or build a sand box and cover with plywood.)


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