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Jeri and Terrill's daughter, Kym, proudly shows off Toby who comforted her parents in their illnesses. Black fur and a heart of gold, this cat's level of compassion and understanding will touch your heart.


Jeri and her husband, Terrill, have lived a life filled with pets and wild life. Once, someone handed them a rescued baby beaver. It lived in their bathtub for 2- weeks until a wildlife agent could pick it up.  "We had to fish that little beaver out of the tub to take a shower!" laughs Jeri.
"I love each and every Tips 'n' Tales story, and wanted to confirm the column about the positive power of black cats!  Black cats are a special animal of beauty and intelligence, not to be feared or to be prejudiced against.

The article was right, never misjudge how much animals feel or what they know.  Our family has proof of cats' intelligence.  Our black cat, Toby, was named after my husband's good friend, and Toby always considered himself to be my husband's cat! Toby is totally black, and the sweetest, most caring animal we have ever been the proud guardians of. 

Last September, Terrill became frail from bone cancer and kidney failure. During this time, for some unknown reason, Toby underwent an enormous weight gain.  To be exact, Toby gained twenty pounds!  He looked like a cat-candidate for the TV show "The Biggest Loser"!

Terrill became so weak, that he could no longer position his recliner back into a reclining position by himself.  As Terrill struggled to lay back in his chair, Toby patiently sat by watching. 

Then, one day, Toby took it upon himself to amble over to my husband and jump up onto the arm of the chair; then, all 20 pounds of him leaped onto the headrest!

Toby's added weight created just enough momentum to lower the headrest back and down.  Toby performed this ritual until my husband became bedridden. Then, dear Toby was always found sleeping across Terrill's feet.

Since Terrill's death, Toby has not been near the chair's headrest.  And without any explanation Toby lost his excess weight.  Never underestimate the wisdom of an animal," said Jeri.

"God loves cats, no matter what color, and so should we.  There is one thing that tickles us about Toby!  He LOVES to have his arm pits scratched!  I am not joking!  He lies on his back and stretches his arms out as far as he can. Then he rolls to a side to make sure you get the opportunity to scratch the other arm pit as well.  Not surprisingly, we always oblige his wish."

Currently, Jeri is undergoing her own battle with cancer.  Toby remains a constant companion by her side along with her loving family.  Kindly hold Jeri in your prayers.


Christmas gift tip: There are two kinds of pet fur, light and dark!  People with light-furred pets don't wear dark clothes, and those with dark-furred pets do not buy light-colored clothes or furniture.  Keep fur color in mind when purchasing presents to prevent returns.

Jeri loves this joke: What happened to the cat who ate a ball of yarn?
Answer: It had mittens.

Miracle microfiber cloths are the new fast way to wash your cat, dog and other pets without a sink full of water!  They work like a charm.  Wet the cloths, then rub them all over your pets.  Make sure to use a different clean wet cloth for each pet.  Just as the microfiber cloths magically pick up dirt from floors, windows, and counter tops like velcro...they work just as well on pets' fur.  Do this as a quick clean up between their baths.  The microfiber cloths leave your pets' fur super soft and clean.

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