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Pups Terrorize Christmas Tree!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Sisters Cheyenne, 8 years old, and Shelby, 5 years old,with their younger fur-siblings, Buck and Roxy, 4 months old.  The pups happily terrorize their Christmas tree!  


Every child's dream is the discovery of a puppy or kitten under their Christmas tree.  Cheyenne and Shelby's Mommy (Donna) and Daddy (Les) wanted to fulfill their daughters' Christmas wish.

So, just before Christmas 2008, Daddy went to look at a litter of Boston Terrier puppies.  What a mistake!  All four puppies were adorable and that created a major problem!  Which one?  He finally narrowed it down to two, so he phoned home, "I can't decide. Come and help choose one."

With that invitation, double-trouble entered their lives!  The girls arrived at the puppies' home, took one look, and they also could not decide, so they took half the litter home for the holidays!

You might wonder how two rambunctious puppies behave around a Christmas tree!  Mommy says, "As you can imagine, very soon after the puppies'  arrival, all the tree's lower branches had no ornaments.  These puppies are just like our children; they run through the house at 20 MPH and fight like siblings.

The year prior to our puppies' arrival, Cheyenne asked daily for a puppy, but because of her age, she had no idea about the level of responsibility that comes with puppies. We are proud of both our girls; they stepped up to the plate and took good care of their two baby K-9's. 
The puppies and girls sleep together.  Roxy sleeps under the covers with Cheyenne, and Buck sleeps on top of Shelby's covers.  It is adorable seeing them, all cuddled up, and sleeping after a playful day."

Cheyenne and Shelby are enjoying teaching Buck and Roxy tricks. They are teaching the pups to stand up on command, as well as 'sit and stay'.  Shamelessly, the dogs' only focus and hearts' desire are the treats they receive after performing their tricks."

On Christmas morning, the puppies received their own presents.  According to Mommy, "I think the girls had as much, or more, fun opening Buck and Roxy's gifts."

Climbing stairs is a feat when you are as low to the ground as Buck and Roxy. "It was darling watching the puppies climb stairs for the first time.  They were a little better than our girls were when they were toddlers.  The dogs did not tumble down! 
It was cute watching the dog's little butts as they went up the stairs.  They tried balancing themselves with their tiny tails, and their ears were pinned straight back as they focused on their mission to follow Cheyenne and Shelby up the stairs.

Buck and Roxy are not just Christmas presents, they are our family. We fell completely in love with them the minute we saw them, and they go everywhere with us.  The pups love car rides to Espresso Barn for a doggy treat.  Buck and Roxy make everyone smile as they stand on my lap at the Espresso Barn. Their little faces peer over the vehicle's window ledge expectantly waiting for their treat. 
Yes, their sweet faces and cute personalities give everyone something to smile about!" And in a quiet voice Mommy adds, "Does anyone know of a good dog obedience class?  We are desperately seeking professional help and wisdom to raise these cute but wild pups!"


Mommy provides examples of their training methods. "We are in the midst of potty training our pups, " explains Mommy. We hung Christmas bells on the back door, and lowered them with a ribbon.  When the pups jump up and tap the bells with their feet,  we come running and let them outside. This method is working well.  This aslo prevents them from having to bark for attention. At this stage the pups are so young, they are not even barking, so the bell works wonders. 
Like any proud parent, we are so excited that today for the first time, the dogs put "two and two together" and are "potty-bell" trained!"
For pet training tips watch, "The Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Milan on the National Geographic TV channel.

Also, Victoria Stillwell's "It's Me or The Dog" is on the Animal Planet channel.

Both TV hosts have authored excellent books that make positive gifts.


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