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Mary Ellen, Santa and her Christmas Cats
Mary Ellen holding Miss Wings & Whyspurr
Santa is holding Myster E. and Nymbus

Happy Purr-Birthday
"Miracle Cat" Miss Wings turns "FIVE" on December 8th!


Santa stopped by The Flower Basket gift shop to meet the children of Cottage Grove, while the elves where finishing packing his sleigh for his Christmas Eve trip around the world!

Miss Wings, and her three, three-year-old triplets, (the Wingletts) are excited to see Santa. The cats asked Santa for catnip and toy mice for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Miss Wings tells her children the story about the animals in the manger, their names, and why animals and humans celebrate this season.

Children leave milk and cookies out for Santa, but the Wingletts, leave a dish of milk and fish-kitty treats for Santa.

Just like last year, the cats plan to sleep under the Christmas tree, so they can wish Santa well, on his way after he fills their stockings.

Huge vet bills at Christmas are no fun, so if you have an active pet, do not decorate with tinsel or angel hair. Animals can ingest them and have deadly bowel impactions.
Plastic bulbs, instead of glass ones, are great for cats who insist the shiny ornaments are pretty balls to play with.
Broken bulbs are a hazard, and so is climbing the tree and knocking it over. Do not put a chemical preserver in your tree's water, as it is guaranteed your pets will think it is their own private drinking dish.
Cats tongues are barbed and once a string or ribbon is in their mouth they cannot spit it out. Watch your pets while you wrap gifts and clean up after.
Check all empty boxes and large shopping bags as cats think they are new houses!
Safety tips for the holidays include keeping chocolate away from dogs, as it can be fatal. Raisins can also be fatal for dogs, so no Christmas Cake.
Turkey and chicken bones are not safe for pets to eat, as they splinter and harm the animals internally.
Note: Christmas pet beds filled with cedar, some animals are allergic to them.
Keep your pets safe and you can all enjoy this holiday season.
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Pet Tips 'n' Tales Columnist Mary Ellen

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