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Charlie's New Family

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Charlie with his new family
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Jeff, Karen, Bailey and Chase, with Charlie,
the newest member of their family

Last week's, Tips 'n' Tales, revealed the reality of what happens to pets, as their guardians age, and can no longer take care of them. 
Many animals end up in Humane Shelters, hoping for a new home.

Charlie was one of the lucky ones.
Bailey, who is 11 years old, inherited three year old Charlie, when her Grandma broke her hip, and had to enter a nursing home.

Bailey coughs up the fur ball (the truth) and said, "When Charlie and I first met...he hated me. 
Because Grandma was in the hospital, Charlie had to stay in her garage, all alone.

I love animals, so I tried to be his friend. 
He was so scared, he bit and scratched me. 
But I could see his happy side, and persisted in teaching him, that I would be his friend.

In the three months, that I have had Charlie, we are now friends.
He loves following me around the house, like my personal little-gray shadow. 

When Grandma had Charlie, he was an inside cat. 
We are slowly introducing Charlie to  life outside.  He loves chasing bugs and sitting in the sunshine. 
Charlie weighed twenty pounds at Grandma's, and he has already lost two pounds!"

Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Charlie has adjusted to a new way of life.
He has the run of Bailey's home, and is the alpha cat over her dogs. 
Remember, older cats and dogs, at the Shelters, have given a life of service to someone.

They need you, as much as Charlie needed Bailey.

Offer to walk your elderly, or busy neighbor's dogs.  And, be an advocate for altering pets.

Neutering and spaying, prevents pets from literally, littering the countryside.  One female cat can produce 50 kittens, within two years. 
Magnify this, by an unaltered male pet, who can daily impregnate more than one female, responsible for producing an untold large number of fur-babies, impossible, to find homes for. 

Humane Society employees do not relish the job of eliminating healthy-beautiful pets, just because there is a shortage of homes. 
These employees are often in tears, when ordered to euthanize healthy pets, big or small.

To share the miracle of birth with your children, first - alter your pets, and second - rent a video about pet births.

If you cannot afford to alter a pet, please do not bring one home. 
If you want to help the situation, donate funds to your locate Animal Shelters spay and neuter programs. 

Pet Adoption info:

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