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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Cat Saves Owners Life

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Grandma Cindrea and Arianna with Meo-Meo,
a 10 month old Pound Purry who saved her life!

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"What greater gift than the love of a cat."
Charles Dickens

Cindrea shares, "Narnia my beloved cat recently passed leaving me with two things; my life and  beautiful memories.

Narnia was given to me, because she had no value to her previous family.  She was no longer a kitten and they had grown tired of her.

I took her 'thinking' I would find her a good home. Yep! I did!  Mine! I fell in love with her.
I was strictly a dog person, but the day Narnia arrived, I became a full fledged cat person. 

Eight years ago, I had a liver transplant, which resulted in diabetes and high blood pressure.

A normal sugar level is between 110-120. While asleep, when my sugar level drops, Narnia instinctively would wake me up.  She did this by gently bumping or licking my face.

The first few times, I was confused why she was doing this, until I put two and two together, and checked my blood sugar level.  It would be between 40-60!  Dangerously low.  If I had kept sleeping I would have fallen into a coma.

With Narnia watching over me, I slept peacefully.  She never woke me unless I had a sugar drop.  My doctor and veterinary tech both said they had heard similar stories to ours; where dogs and cats, with this gift, saved lives by detecting a change in the smell of their human as their blood levels changed.
She was my Angel cat, we loved and adored each other.

During the pet food recall, Narnia passed away. I miss her terribly, and as you can imagine, I was afraid to go to sleep without her protecting me. 

After her death, my dog accidentally bit someone.  He was impounded and every time I visited him 'in jail' one kitten meowed loudly when I passed by her cage.  She obviously had picked me as her person.  She was a stray, and when she was adoptable, the Shelter called, "Would you like the kitten...for free?"  No fee! Unheard of!

My granddaughter, Arianna, named the new kitten Meo-Meo, and everyone said how lucky the kitten was to find a good home.

And what are the odds!  Unbelievably, even at her young age, Meo-Meo has the same gift Narnia had! If Meo-Meo smells my blood sugar is not right, the first indication is that she sleeps next to me.  Otherwise, she sleeps at the end of the bed. Meo-Meo stays on guard all night until any crisis passes.  Then and only then...does she lie down and sleep.

Meo-Meo is not as gentle as Narnia, who used to gently pat me on the face to wake up.  Meo-Meo uses the hair-pulling, face-popping-with-her-paw technique.  If that does not arouse me, she puts her bottom in my face.

I live alone, and when you are awake you can feel your sugar drop, but asleep you just phase out into a coma.  The other night, while asleep, my blood sugar dropped to 50.  Meo-Meo once again woke me, and saved my life.

These two cats have saved my life on over twenty occasions. The veterinarian, and my doctor, wrote a note declaring Meo-Meo a Service Pet, so she can live in the apartment.  I call her my Guardian Angel Cat, because when she is on duty, I sleep in peace."


Cindrea reminisces, "There are many wonderful throw-away pets at your pound.  Like Meo-Meo they have a great value.  In the USA, over 7 million pets were in shelters last year.  You never know if one special animal will end up saving your life! 
People divorce, move, have their homes foreclosed, or they pass on and send their loving pets to the pound.  I not only saved these cats lives, they saved mine!  Please neuter and spay. Doing so will leave room at your friends and neighbors homes to adopt abandoned and available pets from shelters."

Krystal, Cindrea's daughter shares, "I work for, an international Thera Veda health company, and know first hand that Tips 'n' Tales brings joy.
Many of our clients, across the United States, told me how your work has helped them!  Their pets have also found relief from our natural flea product.  I believe that Tips 'n' Tale saves lives...both pets and people, and know that Mom's story will too!"

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