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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
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Carrol and Bailey with Charlie
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
Bailey and Carrol, with Charlie
the Love of their Lives

Paws for a moment, and think...as we age, we must consider our pets. 
Leona Helmsley, had the foresight and financial ability to leave funds for her faithful dog.

Imagine you are eighty years old, and it is time to think about what to do with your loving pets.  They have served you well. 
Often, they are the only ones you could count on, to keep you company, when no one phones, or comes by. 
Your days are lonely, except for the devotion of your pet, because your friends are ill, and worse, dying.

So, when you enter an Humane Animal Shelter, know that the cats and dogs sheltered there, are not throw away pets.  

These pets are kind, loving and faithful members of the family.
Their owners are just no longer able to care for them. 
Most nursing homes, and retirement centers, do not accept pets. 
And, family members already have their own household pets.
Your pet's destiny is left hanging in limbo, hoping for a second chance to love.

Carrol, who is 84 says, "I have loved cats since my first one, when I was six years old, and have had at least one, ever since.
Charlie weighs 20 pounds, I can no longer care for him, or hold him.  I use a walker, and Charlie is always running between my feet, and I am concerned that may lead to a fall.

Poor Charlie does not have the advantage of Ms. Helmsley's dog's $12 million, so I had to find him a good home.

My grandson's fiancée's eleven year old daughter, Bailey, is an animal lover, and she was excited to get my Charlie.
They live in the country, so Charlie, once an inside city cat, now has the freedom of the fields to chase butterflies and bugs."

Carrol adds, "Charlie was great company.  I laughed at his cheekiness when, after I threw his furry toy mouse for him, he would fetch it, and bring it back, like a dog. 
Every morning, he carefully place the mouse, beside my favorite chair, so we could play again. 
Charlie also jumped up onto my walker's seat, and loved going for rides, around the house. 
I miss Charlie, but am happy, and relieved, that he has new good home.  Bailey loves him, as much as I do."

NOTE: Next week's Tips 'n' Tales features Charlie's new life with Bailey.

For the purr-fect gift, consider giving seniors in your area, gift cards to Pet Stores and Feed and Grain stores for their pets. 
Also, offer to pay for their pets neutering or vet bill. 
Many seniors would love a volunteer to walk their dogs.

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