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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Georgiana and Tiffany with Bandit, a 6-year-old blind Siberian Husky.

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Bandit was named because of the markings around his beautiful sky blue eyes that resemble a robber's mask.

During a Hawaiian vacation Georgiana and Al's granddaughter, Tiffany, (who loves Bandit) was pet sitting when she phoned them upset, "Something's wrong with Bandit, he just bit my husband!  We are on our way to the hospital to get stitches!" 

Tiffany then returned to her Grandparent's home and rushed Bandit to the vet. She knew that one of the reasons a kind dog turns aggressive is because of pain.  The Vet confirmed this, and said, "Bandit is in blinding pain, from the pressure building up behind his eyes."

A second veterinary specialist, explained "I'm sorry. Bandit is going eye at a time. This is an unsettling mystery."

After Bandit went blind, Georgiana walked him around the top section of their acreage on his leash. She led him to the permanent fixtures, like fences, buildings etc.

Georgiana explains, "I used the word, 'careful' when there were things that could hurt him, to train him to the word and to what was there.  Now, it is like he sees.  It is impossible to figure out his new  sightless skills.  They baffle both Al and me. 

Bandit sees, not with his eyes, but with his nose, ears and feet.  He is so comfortable on our property, that he refuses to stay close to the house. At top speeds, he runs down our long driveway and comes to a stop...right before the gate.  It is a marvel to us all.

The veterinarian removed both his eyes, so there is no way he can see any light or shapes to help him navigate.  Bandit is 111% blind!

Often a little fawn enters our lower yard.  We have no idea what senses are in play, but Bandit will come from the very top of the acreage, flying down the entire yard to chase her. 

The fawn always manages to get away, but how can he possibly know she is even down there?  Are his senses that good? They must be! We have seen him do it on numerous occasions and are in awe.  It is like he has developed radar!

Bandit's health condition is an adjustment for everyone. Putting things back in the same location is vital to Bandit's safety. 

For example: when my husband goes out on the sundeck for a nap, he has to immediately put the chair away in its original position. Otherwise, Bandit will run into the chair. 

This rule also applies to our vehicles. Because Bandit runs across our yard at full tilt, if our car and truck are left out in an unfamiliar position, Bandit could get seriously hurt. I never could train my husband to pick up after himself for me, but he will for the dog!


Georgiana offers extra tips to assist blind pets, "Al put small rocks down around our rose bushes.  Now Bandit senses with his feet when he is in an unsafe area. Al also installed a small fence around the garden to keep Bandit from squashing our vegetables."

Compassionately Georgiana recommends, "When your pet has a handicap it needs understanding. Don't euthanize them!  Work with your pet and you will be surprised how easy it is to adjust.

Soon, you will have the joy of your animal's happy spirit back in your life.  Often, they go through stages of depression.  Just like you or I would with a serious illness or a handicap appearing unexpectedly in our lives.  Today, we have our Bandit back, he is just as much fun and just as ornery as he was prior to losing his eyes."

Georgiana's pet peeve is when people dump animals. "Don't people realize that when an animal is dumped, the animal suffers the same plights that befall humans?"

She continues, "Animals starve, get sick, hit by vehicles, cancer, injured by other animals etc. Neutering and spaying helps prevents the suffering of so many of your pet's future offsprings. 

Even if you take care of your pet, once its babies are given away, you have no idea if their owners will abandon them in the future, or neuter and spay them (no matter what they tell you).  From your home, the vicious cycle of unwanted pets begins and escalates."


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