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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

- Houdini Hound-
or the Baddest Dog in Town?

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Jane with Winston, her 'food escape artist' Beagle.

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A year ago, Jane was living in Arizona when she decided to move to an area with better weather.  With no plan in mind, she bravely sold her home, drove to California, and then north up the I-5 freeway. Jane stopped in every city, until she settled on settling in Cottage Grove, Oregon!

Jane adopted her cat Gypsy (too shy to appear in the photo) when a pet store owner said, "Would you be interested in our newly acquired store cat, Gypsy?  After her family abandoned her, we found her dying from starvation.  Everything was great until last night, when Gypsy ate one of our expensive birds."

Jane says, "I'm glad I adopted Gypsy, she's a talker and wonderful company."
Winston arrived into Jane's and Gypsy's life, after his family moved into a NO PET apartment.  Jane had no idea what she was in for.  The only thing that lipstick, and a rum and coke drink have in common is Winston.  If it is edible, he gives it a go!

Like Snoopy, in the comic strip, Winston loves to be up high.  This is a problem. Even though Winston is only 14" from the floor to his shoulders, he leaps onto counter tops like Superman in one single leap!

Jane can't leave food out, because Winston can open anything!  He unscrews the lids of all makes and models of jars, soda bottles, and plastic containers. He skillfully holds them between his paws, and deftly untwists their lids!
Once, Winston found a new jar of peanut butter.  He managed to joyfully lick half of the peanut butter out before Jane discovered him and his 'treasure.'

In her previous home, Jane had to leave the house in a hurry and left a gallon plastic bottle of unopened cranberry juice on the tile floor and thought, "Oh, it'll be OK."  That decision was a horrible mistake that stained the floor...and her memory!

Winston successfully unscrewed the cap, and drank most of the juice.  The remainder stained the floor's white grout. Jane said, "I never did get all of the red stain out!"

Winston loves car rides and lattes!   If Jane buys a latte' and forgets about it when running errands, Winston pops the lid open and drinks the leftovers.  Jane returns to the car to find cold coffee splattered all over the interior.

When Winston wants outside, he puts his claws between the sliding screen door and the door jam, then 'slings' the door open.  Leaving Jane, the job of closing the door after him.

Jane laughs, "Winston is loving, affectionate and very proud of himself when he knows he's 'been good'...which is rare.  Then he 'sits' and expects a treat! I should have renamed him, Houdini!"



Jane suggests, "When you are away, leave your pets in their familiar environment; house temperature, inside lighting, open or closed blinds, and a radio or TV on with human conversation.  CNN and Animal Planet are pet favorites.

Also, leave clean pet's beds, and put out more than adequate water and food.  Never leave an animal outside in hot or cold weather - even large animals.  They are mammals and as susceptible to temperatures as humans.  Vegetables are good for dogs, Winston loves broccoli and zucchini."

When leaving for vacation, and using a professional pet sitter always make sure they are insured. Ask for references. 

Also, leave your vet information with them.


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