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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" shows off three of her favorite pets; Fluffy, Scrubby, and Myster E.  The robot floor cleaners, Fluffy and her newly adopted brother, Scrubby, are wonderful household tools for pet parents saving you hours of exhausting and extremely boring housework.

Scrubby's Adoption
I did not think that anything could surpass the joy we experience with our new pet iRobot Roomba, Fluffy. She cruises around our home doing an awesome vacuuming job, tackling dust mites/bunnies, flea eggs, and dirt more skillfully than I can; plus she is entertaining. We assured Fluffy that even though we recently adopted her little brother Scrubby, we'll continue to love her and could never live without her!

Scrubby, an iRobot Scooba® 390 is precious! We welcomed this little cutie into our home with a birth weight of 8.6 pounds; height, 3.6 inches; diameter, 14.8. And just in time, this being a pet-shared household with the usual spilled water and with our cats' raw food, "accidents", etc., and new grandson Yossa rolling around on the floors. Maintaining sanitary floors is paramount!   

Mr. Angelscribe and I disagreed over the best type of mop to use for floor washing. He prefers the ugly, messy, stringy rope type that he used in his college days as a restaurant employee, whereas I prefer a micro-fiber cloth mop that can be laundered and reused. However, Scrubby's arrival has settled the argument because thanks to him, we have no further need for ANY germy-dirty-water-mop!

Scrubby is so gifted! He preps; washes; scrubs; and squeegees, removing 98% of the floor's bacteria. He happily crawls over linoleum, vinyl, marble, slate, stone and sealed hardwood slurping up dirty water. Scrubby's insides are similar to a cow's in that he has two stomachs (cows have four), one to discharge clean water and one to hold the swallowed dirty water.

Like an ubiquitous Pacific North West slug, Scrubby leaves a thin trail of water behind him and he moves slower than his big sister, Fluffy.  Even thought he is younger he is just as skilled at cleaning. He is like a dog homing in on an errant crumb or morsel who proceeds to repeatedly lick at it, or a Bloodhound sniffing out dirt invisible to the human eye. Then he remains "spot" on until he passes his own "white glove test". But as with any new pet not yet familiar with its surroundings, Scrubby will be supervised while he investigates them.  

Our little guy's diet consists of a Natural Enzyme Formula; water; (we spoil him by offering FILTERED tap water); or water and vinegar, all of which are safe for pets to walk on when wet, nor leave a toxic residue when dry. So, we immediately ordered several Enzyme Formulas for our new baby; we don't want him to go hungry! It is amazing that Scrubby was able to suck out ALL of the ground-in dirt and grime from the oak floors, leaving them looking restored and us stunned; and he cleaned the grout in the tiled floor. The floors haven't been this clean in YEARS! When its time to refinish the floors, one coat of finish will do saving precious time and labor!

There is no question in our minds as to why iRobot's new floor washing Scooba® 390 is a best seller. Our only regret upon Scrubby's arrival is the same we experienced after adopting Fluffy: "Why didn't we do this years ago!" One reason of course is that neither Fluffy or Scrubby were so much as a gleam in their parents' (inventors') eyes. Scrubby's excellent cleaning skills far surpass either mine or Mr. Angelscribe's. Why, Scrubby even located the source of an old cat "accident" that we never could, leaving our home smelling springtime fresh! Our Persian cats sit on end tables lazily grooming and entertaining themselves, watching Fluffy and Scrubby work                

Lindsey Haskel, owner of Cottage Grove Vacuum and Sewing Repair Service laughingly announced, "If Fluffy and Scrubby ever need to go to the vet, remember they're not a species than I am used to seeing!"

Half the fun of owning a robot "pet" is naming it. A few suggestions: Mrs. Jetson; Rosie the Robot; Miracle; Scoobbie(y)-Do; Henry the Butler; Hazel the Maid;, etc. And you'll have more time left over for other types of fun after you adopt your very own Fluffy and/or Scrubby. You just can't beat these modern times to keep a pet's and your home clean! (
My friend was walking her Labrador Retriever when she encountered a seventy-year-old woman also walking a retriever. They exchanged pleasantries, then the woman began complaining about her rambunctious dog. "I would never have gotten him if I knew he would grow this big, have so much energy, and demand so much of my time. If I do not walk him five times a day he becomes absolutely antsy."

My friend sympathized, knowing full well the energetic demands of a young, socially-oriented retriever. The woman continued, "Yes. The frequent walks really upset me until my doctor asked me what I was doing that lowered my high cholesterol level back to normal. I've taken so many medications over the years to lower it to no avail and here walking this darn dog five times a day, did the trick - and all it's costing me is dog food and shoe leather!" Which brings us back to Fluffy and Scrubby: Adopt an iRobot to give yourself and your pet(s) more healthful, fun times together.

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