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Oh! Oh! Canine Caper!

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After Fisher's wild night on the town he ended up in a police cruiser headed for the "Big Dog House". Sarah and Heather plead on Fisher's behalf for his release, hoping that he's innocent of all charges, but, as it turns out, he wasn't! 

This summer while I was visiting relatives in Vancouver, B.C. my nephew, Ross, arrived with a huge grin on his face, and a pet story to match!
"Last night, my wife, Heather, and I, were meeting our friends, Sarah and Phillip, for dinner at our favorite restaurant. They are usually very prompt but this time they did not show.
Finally, Sarah phoned in tears and said, 'Fisher, the dog we are fostering, bolted past us out the door and ran away. Phillip and I have been frantically searching for 2 hours. We have driven/biked/walked the neighborhood to no avail.'"

Heather and I immediately volunteered to join in the hunt for Fisher. We looked everywhere; posted flyers; broke up into teams and searched different streets.
Finally, very hungry, the four of us began walking to a restaurant. We saw a police car on the sidewalk and a group of people standing around it, talking. We decided to walk around the commotion and mind our own business until we heard a happy little bark from inside the police car. Yes, from inside the police car. We rushed over and there was Fisher, sitting as excitedly as a little kid, waiting for his first ride in a police cruiser. Our friends identified themselves as the foster parents of the backseat "criminal" and the officer freed Fisher into their custody.  After reclaiming the run-a-way pooch Sarah carried him back to the house, then we finally went out for dinner! We laughed about the rest of Fisher's story that we learned from the police officer.

Apparently, Fisher had wandered into a large Toyota dealership, unseen. He must have lain down exhausted from his great escape, and slept for hours. After everyone left for home and the dealership was locked up for the night, Fisher awoke and began to nose around either looking for food, or for someone to let him out or to play with him. Consequently, ALL of the alarms, bells and whistles sounded. The security company alerted the police department, who rushed over looking for a cat burglar, only to find a dog prowler. Fisher's funny story was welcome comic relief to the police department considering the usual nature of 911 calls. They probably filed this call under "K-9 Caper At the Car Lot" or "A Dog-Gone Chase!"
It has been four months since Fisher's funny flight to freedom, but unfortunately, he has yet to be adopted. "Fisher is a proverbial couch potato," admits Sarah. The day he took off may have resulted from his excitement earlier in the day playing with the other dogs at the dog park. We still can't figure out why he ran into the Toyota dealership rather than back to the park. Fisher is a beagle and beagles walk with 5 feet on the ground, one of which is their nose! They are notorious for getting 'on a scent' and running off, and we're still wondering what good stuff he smelled at Toyota," laughs Sarah. "I guess his 'arrest' scared him into a changed dog because he hasn't run away again!"


Dog Jobs: Companions, herders, guide and therapy dogs, police and border guard assistants; sniffing out illegal drugs at airports, bed bugs from hotels and gas leaks from homes; plus, assistants to ADHD children and veterans with PTSD. Dogs are great therapy and great therapists. If you can't afford a therapist, tell your dog the whole story.
Cat Jobs: Outside-keeping the mouse population down. Inside-keeping the flying bugs from flying and the crawling bugs from crawling. Leaving fur around your home to give it that much loved and lived in look!  Sleeping, cuddling, looking cute and making us feel loved which is why we put up with all of that fur!

Caution: Suzka a Tips 'n' Tales reader in Portland, Oregon writes, "My daughter, Melissa, was walking the dog yesterday and slipped on wet leaves; hit her head on a brick/stone wall, banged up her arm and skinned both knees. She was rushed to the ER and has three stitches in her head.  The ER personnel told her she was the 7th emergency injury of the day involving slipping on the wet leaves.  Apparently wet leaves are just as dangerous as walking on ice."

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