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Where, oh Where,
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Stephanie and Gus
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Stephanie with Gus, a four-year-old Heinze-Siamese mix,
with gorgeous blue eyes.

Stephanie says, "When our daughter left for college, to fill our empty nest, we got Gus."

Gus is a beautiful cat, he resembles a Picasso painting.  His markings are 100% unique, and no two are alike.

Recently, Gus mysteriously disappeared.  After three weeks, we lost hope, that he would return to my husband and me.

One morning, about 5 am, I felt a familiar thump on the bed, in Gus's favorite spot.  I was almost too hopeful, because Gus had been gone for a full five weeks.

But, I reached down...and felt something so unexpected. 
It felt like a bag of bones, covered in fur. 
My eyes sprang open, I sat straight up, and was shocked to see Gus. 

He was starved, his skin was separating from his body. 
He was close to death, but some how he had returned to us. 
We have no idea where he was, or what he was up to. 

We fed him gradually, and as you can see from his photo, he is once again a stunningly beautiful cat. 
We gave him kitten food for extra protein, and he snapped right back.  He must come from strong alley cat genes!

We also have a Border Collie, and four cats. 
The dog thinks our four cats are his herd.
However, he is not very good at herding them, because the cats always go four different directions.

My husband and I love the fact that cats and dogs don't talk back like children, pets have no verbal opinions. 
Maybe this empty nest syndrome, feathered with dogs and cats, isn't so bad after all!"

Stephanie suggests, "This area is known for its horrendous flea problem.  We don't have fleas in our home, or on our animals, like our neighbors, work colleagues and friends do. 

My husband and I don't feel comfortable putting chemicals on our pets, and flea bombing our home. 

So, we decided to give both our cats and dog a pill combinations of brewers yeast, omega 3 fatty acids and garlic from the local store's pet supply area. 
The animals get one pill per ten pounds of body weight, a day, in flea season and every other day the rest of the year." 
Editors Note:
We bought some for our cats, and they LOVE the taste of the pills.

Consult your Veterinary Clinic or Naturopathic Veterinarian for more information.

Also, when leaving on vacation, leave a key with a neighbor, in case a cat has slipped unnoticed into your garage or home.

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