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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Dorothy holds her Canine Heroine, Katy, a 12 year old Terrier.


A year ago, Dorothy, 91 years old, an avid golf player, had an accident while in her golf cart.  She broke a bone and decided perhaps it was time to consider a move into Middlefield Oaks Senior Living Community.

Dorothy is best known as the loving wife of one Cottage Grove's first managers of Safeway.  They lived in town and Dorothy and her husband danced at the Boots and Saddles square dance club, for 50 years.

When she moved into Middlefield she took along her beloved dog Katy.  Katy is a hit with everyone and also enjoys her life at Middlefield.

Dorothy says, "If I couldn't have brought Katy with me, I would not have moved. I could not have abandoned her to another family, as we have been together for so long. Katy is a good friend, and so smart!  Intelligent actually, which is a blessing."

This year, one extremely cold morning, Dorothy took Katy outside for her walk at 7 AM.  They walked into the private back area of the compound.  Katy's leash became hooked on a bush, and as Dorothy tried untangling it, she lost her balance and fell over backward.  Dorothy was not hurt, but she could not get up.

Like the TV show where Lassie runs to the rescue, Katie looked at the situation, and sprang into action as a canine hero.

Dorothy says, "I did not know what to do. Because it was only 7 AM none of the workers would be out, and the residents were warmly inside, waking up, and getting ready to go to breakfast.
I knew no one would be out for awhile, and it was so cold, so I just resolved to lie there and wait, knowing I was hidden from their sight.

What happened next surprised me.  Katie had never done anything like this before. 

You could see in her eyes that she knew I was in trouble.  Katie ran around me several times, and then ran back to the building, where the back door was slightly propped open.  She squeezed into the small opening, and she ran until she came to a Resident Aid. 

Just like Lassie, Katy ran around the Aid in circles frantically barking.  The Aid was bewildered, until she noticed I was not with Katy.  She knew something was very wrong, and immediately retraced Katy's steps, and found me outside, lying on the ground.

After that day, Katy watched me for along time to make sure I was OK.  She took her job of being my companion and Guardian Angel as seriously as we do for our loved ones.

Like most people who live together, sometimes I get mad at Katy, but she probably gets mad at me too!  When our race track had an evening finale with fireworks, Katy started shaking, and it was my chance to comfort her, as she did me, when I needed her help the most."

Katy has her potty-behavior gender-mixed-up. When she has to relieve herself, at the same time, she both raises one back leg and squats.  It looks like she is off balance, making everyone standing around  laugh, wondering if she is about to fall over.

Katy's pet peeve is peas. She does not like them, picks them out of her food, and individually spits them beside her dish.


Pets throwing up?  Animals vomit for the same reasons humans do.  There is always a reason and it is imperative to act.

They are ill, or injured.  Always consider that their food is bad, especially if you just opened a new bag or can. Contact your veterinary.

Report adverse reactions, related to any food for animals:

Phone numbers for your region are located on the website above.

With almost 100 years of wisdom, Dorothy's pet tips are, "Exercise is important for all pets, and don't over feed them.  These are the same healthy principles for humans as well."

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
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