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Cat Catches Two Cat Burglars!

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Kay proudly shows off her hero, Tuffy,  'a not so run-of-the mill' alley cat!  Tuffy alerted Kay to burglars prowling in their home! Tuffy is more afraid of the camera than she is of crooks!

Three years ago, very early, on a cold winter morning, Kay's friend, Tim, was awakened by a loud meowing outside.  Upon investigating, he found a starving two week old, 12 ounce kitten.  It was a miracle she had the lung capacity to call for help, because she was too weak to hold her head up.  He found the mother cat, a short distance away, killed by a car.

Knowing that being cold and dehydrated is deadly to any baby, Tim ignored the early hour and rushed the kitten to Kay's home.  He then went and bought a preemie baby bottle and milk for the kitten.  The nipple was too big for the kitten to suckle on.  When the pet store opened Tim bought a kitten sized baby-bottle and kitten formula.

"Tim knows that I love cats and would help," shares Kay. "He offered, "If you adopt the kitten, I will pay for her spaying and shots." 
I hand fed her for two months, and massaged her stomach so she could eliminate.  I took her to work, to continue her feedings, and she gained strength.  I used a small lid, off a box, as her makeshift litter box.  This way she could climb over the edge, but she was so weak, I had to support her as she stood.

Most people think her name, Tuffy, is from her hard start in life, but it describes the tiny tufts of fur beside her ears.  The tufts stick straight up like her Maine coon relatives!

Tuffy remains small and compact.  She still has the temper and voice that saved her life.  She is very territorial--especially if a cat walks across 'her' yard.

On July 13th I went to bed at 10 PM.  I have two other cats, Apachi and Blackfoot.  The three cats usually sleep in my bedroom, but on this night they were out in the living room.  

At 11 PM, two men broke into my apartment. They pried open a window, reached their arms inside, turned on the light, and knocked the window out of its frame so they could climb into my home.

I was asleep, the noises in the living room woke me up, and I assumed it was the cats playing.

Then, Tuffy began yowling.  Her meow was not one I had heard before.  She was obviously yelling her displeasure. Then, her persistent cries took on an eerie tone.  Curious and worried, I got out of bed, just as an intruder confronted me in my bedroom.  I yelled.  He and his accomplice ran off.

I called 911 and then checked on the cats. I found Tuffy still snarling and yowling from under the stove. The other two cats remained silent during the home invasion.  Now, I pay close attention to Tuffy, as she has enough wisdom to know when something is wrong.

Of course, Tuffy is our hero, but Apache's unique trick is jumping straight up, in the air, and yanking ON the ceiling fan's chord, when he gets hot.

Tuffy has some fun habits. She runs like a mad demon, chasing fast-moving invisible mice, up and over the furniture, from room to room, until she falls asleep. 

Tuffy's other funny behavior is that she washes herself like a raccoon!  She dips her foot in the water dish, then gives herself a bath with her dripping wet paw.  She even drinks her water from paw to mouth!

This cat is smart!  Anything she can pull with her claws, she opens and investigates; dresser drawers, kitchen cupboards etc.

When you wad up a piece of paper, no matter how small, Tuffy can hear it, and is ready to chase it.  Tuffy has lots of store bought toys, but it is these pieces of scrap paper she loves the most. 

It is the simple pleasures of life that make most of us smile.  Cats and dogs fall into this category, and a cat that saves your life...well, nothing can compare to it," admits Kay.

"Protect your home and pets," warns Tips 'n' Tales reader Adrienne in Connecticut. "Have someone house sit during a wedding or funeral. Crooks either read or heard about my father's funeral. 

During the service, our home was broken into, they left the door open, and our 3 dogs got out. Two dogs were immediately killed on the highway, and we located the third one at the dog pound. 

The burglars stole our furniture and dad's watches.  We had just moved into the house and everything was still in boxes for them to take to a flea market.  We were devastated at so many sudden losses."
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