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A Very Hairy Experience!

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Brenda's Great Pyrenees dogs Belle, who weighs105 pounds, on the sofa, and Scout who is 95 pounds. How crazy is a household with 200 pounds of dogs? Brenda reveals the humorous truth about living with hairy-white-furry giants.


Mike did not have pets growing up but he's obviously a dog lover!  "He's constantly pulling out his cell phone to show off the "cute" things our dogs did," laughs Brenda.

When Mike arrives home he calls out, "Hello Beautiful! How are you?", NOT to Brenda as you might assume, but to his favorite dog, Belle!

After Brenda read a Tips 'n' Tales tip about Mary Ellen  using a leaf blower to "spring" clean cat fur from a room, the car, and a cat-scratching post she wrote, "I laughed so hard reading the tip about using a leaf blower to remove accumulated pet hair! We have two Great Pyrenees, i.e., giant, white, HAIRY dogs, and getting their 5 inches in length hair out of my car is a chore!  No vacuum or pet roller is powerful enough to do so! While I don't have  a leaf blower (yet), I discovered another easy method.  I get into the car, don goggles, roll all of the windows down, and drive down the interstate.

It's like I'm in a soft-white snow storm; it is fun and saves me 2 hours of vacuuming! However, the results only last for 5 minutes or so until the dogs climb back into the car.  I'll bet a leaf blower works great, but this works pretty darn good too!

Pets know when you are not paying attention!  Our dogs are not allowed on the couch, but while sitting on it during my telephone interview with Mary Ellen for this article, both dogs climbed into my lap as if to say, "I can tell the story better than Mom!"

Our dogs eat organic dog food, but they really prefer anything that looks or smells like food.  My weakness is chocolate and I''m careful with it is because chocolate is poisonous for dogs. I keep my chocolate on a high shelf in a closet and only break off bite-size pieces, assuring that it's never left unattended on a counter.

Recently, Belle went into the kitchen, stomped around, drank some water and then it got really quiet (like with kids when you know they are into something like cutting each other's hair.) So I went to investigate.  Belle had lifted my purse off the back of the chair, dumped the contents, and was methodically opening a giant chocolate bar! Thankfully my inner warning system had gone off! I rescued her and my chocolate before it was too late for either!

Recently, Scout refused to go outside.  We could not figure out what was wrong, so I drove him over to see a pet psychic to solve the mystery. My skeptic husband tagged along! The psychic looked at my husband and said, "Your dog is worried about you going on a trip."  She was right, as was I too was worried about Mike's trip. Mike was headed to Haiti right after their earthquake! To appease the dog, Mike agreed to email me when he got to Haiti.

But, Scout refused to communicate with the psychic about why he was afraid to go outside. It was probably because he's more of a "lover" than a "fighter" because he finally confessed that the new Beagle puppy next door said to him, "I am going to come over there and kick your #%*!" We laughed so hard we almost cried. The psychic explained to Scout that he is 14 times bigger than the puppy and that if he, Scout, could not scale the fence, there was no way the puppy could make it over either to pick a fight.

Now, we can't keep the Scout in the house and have to MAKE him come into the house at night. I'd love to know what he's thinking about that puppy!" laughs Brenda!

"We love dogs because the return on our investment is higher than that received from our "human" respective human families. The dogs give us unconditional love, and loyalty and they never ask for anything.  

On another humorous note, while walking to the staff entrance of the hospital, I crossed paths with an animal. The encounter shocked us both into stillness as we stood looking at each other.  We were so close to each other, we could have touched. The animal was a FOX!  I stayed still so as to appear nonthreatening until he relaxed and walked away.  Part of me was nervous about ending up with a rabies inoculation and the other part wanted to say, "Here kitty kitty." 


"Belle's fur is exceptionally thick, long and curly and although she sheds, she does not blow her coat and gets furrier and furrier," said Brenda.

"We have to have her fur thinned every three months or she looks like sheep that is in bad need of shearing.  When she is groomed, she looks like she lost 20 pounds (wish a hair cut would do that for me!).
My Halloween decorating tip for people with white furry pets is to use the fur to create environmentally friendly spider webs on outdoor landscaping.

I ball up our dogs' fur, shred out pieces, and drape all over the hedges. You can't tell the difference between the store bought artificial stuff that is dangerous for pets when swallowed.  Also, the pet fur helps to keep rabbits away, and birds love it as nest building material."
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