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BOO-tiful BIG Dogs
Boo-tiful Big Dogs
 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Dave and June, Celebrating Halloween with their Great Danes.
Baylee, 5 years old, modeling, "I Don't Do Costumes" T-shirt.
Duke, 4 years old, sporting a  Pumpkin Face costume.
Scrappy, 1 year old, wearing,
"My Invisible Man Costume Is Defective!"
and Dave has on his,
"I scare my family" T-shirt!

After Dave met June, and her Great Dane, Baylee...and Baylee approved of Dave, the three of them got married.

Shortly there after, they rescued two more Great Danes; Duke and Scrappy.

Dave explains what life is like with three Great Danes, "We fast out grew our home, and bought a larger one, with a bigger yard, for the dogs to play in.
Then, we bought a larger vehicle, to haul the dogs, plus a larger camper, for camping!

Forget sleeping in!  On weekends, the dogs wake me for my coffee, and their doggie treats.
Oh, no, not at home!
They want to ride over to the Red Barn coffee hut, for my coffee, and then over to Dari Mart, to pick up their beef sticks.

Picture opening a refrigerator.  It is down right SPOOKY, with six HUGE eyes staring at you!

Scrappy knows when its 6 AM, because I get up for work, and he can climb on the bed .
Duke knows when it is exactly 10 PM.  He loves his bed-time-treats, and if we try to stay up, he whines until we all go to bed.

Duke loves stealing rolls of toilet paper. 

When we are at work, he grabs them, then runs out the doggie door, and TP's our back yard.
One day, he had 24 rolls spread out over the yard!
Duke knows the difference between real mail, and junk mail. 
When mail is on the counter, he takes the junk mail outside, and shreds it.
Baylee knows the sound of June's father's truck, and goes nuts, every time she hears a 2001 Dodge diesel.

When Baylee wants another dog to move, she starts barking, then runs outside.
The other dog, follows her to investigate the commotion. Baylee then turns around, and sneaks into the place the other dog just vacated!

Scrappy was a seven pound puppy, when we rescued him, he was smaller than my shoe. In less than a year, he weighs 94 lbs.
All three dogs are so big, that they back up to our couch and chairs to sit down.

The dogs are always doing something funny, they add laughter to our house, turning it into a wonderful home."

Think twice before getting a large dog!  Remember they grow, and grow and grow!  See photo above.
Oh, and Dave's final tip is, "Keep the toilet paper hidden."

Pet Safety Treats
- Dress pets in well fitting costume, that do not chafe or restrict their natural movements.
- Never leave a costumed pet unattended. They may eat the costume, or get hurt trying to take them off, or trip while running in them.
- Keep all candy, especially chocolate up and out of the reach of their eager little paws! Chocolate candies and Bakers chocolate can be fatal.
- Keep pets away from jack-o-lanterns candles. Instead of candles, use a small penlight or Christmas lights in them to protect active dogs from bumping them and curious cats from putting their paws or themselves in them.
- Fake sinewy cobwebs stretched across windows and doors can clog pets intestines and kill them.
- Pets may be fearful of Trick or Treaters in costumes. Keep pets indoors, or bring them inside around 4pm before children come calling. This also protects Trick or Treaters from pets that become aggressive when frightened.
- If you create your pet's costume, use safe non-toxic paints
- When walking a pet on Halloween, keep them on a leash, so they do not run out in front of vehicles. Reflector strips are a good precaution for leashes/costumes.
- When walking a pet, be courteous, use a sandwich bag to pick up after pets.
- Some people set off fireworks on Halloween causing pets to run from yards and get lost. Keep your pets protected and safe on Halloween.
- Frightened animals can run away, with opening doors for Trick or Treaters, keep them in the back of the house, behind a closed door away from all the activities.
- Make sure pets have identification (collar and tag, microchip) so if they do run away, they can be returned to you.
- If you suspect that your pet has ingested a potentially dangerous substance, call your veterinarian, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. 

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