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Maria Elena and Oreo
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
International Mexican Artist Maria Elena
and Oreo, her son's spoiled cat.


Six years ago, when International author, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe," met International artist Maria Elena, a wild scruffy cat, passing through Maria Elena's yard, scratched Mary Ellen.

Time has made such a difference to this cat's behavior and life.

For thirteen years, Maria Elena and her family thought Oreo had a home else where, that he was nothing more than a traveling vagabond passing by.
One day, they heard a splash, a yowl, and discovered the Oreo in their water fountain. 
Her son, Fred fished out the soaking wet cat.

A few days later, Oreo showed up, bleeding and shivering.
Fred, and his wife KK, carefully cleaned him up, and discovered the cat must be abandoned and homeless. 
He was infested with ear mites, a massive eye infection, and had a bleeding chewed off ear.

They held a family meeting, and the vote was unanimous. 
Even with KK's allergies, they decided to give the old cat a safe home, in their back yard, for his final years.

Oreo is now pampered, brushed daily, and well-fed. 
His once bedraggled fur, is a rich-luxurious and shiny coat.  His green eyes are clear, and they sparkle. 
Unexplainable, is the fact that his ear has grown back.

Oreo has moved up in the world.
He has a little cat house where he sleeps during winter, and a fluffy pillow on the patio, for summer snoozes.

After Maria Elena checks on the cat, and as she steps back into her home, he reaches out and grabs her pant leg, until she gives him more attention, or rubs his tummy.

Fred feeds Oreo, because the cat will not take food from anyone else. And then they chat about the day's events.

Oreo used to reject touch.
Everyone was afraid of him.
He was famous for biting and scratching, friends and family alike.
Last weekend, at the picnic table, he jumped into KK's lap, and everyone jumped up screaming.

Oreo had been such a wild cat, they thought they were under attack.
But, now as you can see from the photograph, Oreo LOVES attention, and decided it is time to join the family.


Maria Elena says,  "I read that olive oil rids pets of ear mites.

Because Oreo was wild, and had ear mite infestation, I gingerly approached him, while he slept, and carefully extended my arm, holding the eye dropper, and let some olive oil fall into his ears.
I also put olive oil in a saucer for him, to lap up when he feels he needs it. It helps him with hair balls, and nutrients.

Oreo was so ill and ill-tempered when he came to us. 
It is wonderful to see him healed, happy and content, sunning himself in our garden."

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