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Dog Rides Shotgun
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
Just like the Depression-era bank robber John Dillinger, Reid's dog, Dillon, rides shotgun in their 1929 Model A Ford delivery truck.  Note of caution: Don't bounce a ball while reading this story!


The summer of 2005, all Reid knew as he searched the Internet for his favorite breed of dog, an Australian Shepherd, was that he wanted one.  Reid located a litter of six, 4-week old puppies in Oceola, Missouri.  From nothing more than the photo posted on the Internet, he took a gamble and chose one of the males.

When the puppy was old enough to safely fly, it was boarded on an airplane for the long flight to Oregon. Reid, described his first impression of Dillon, at the airport, as, "A happy-little fur ball." 

But, their first years together were nothing but trouble.  Several times, Reid seriously considered  giving Dillon away, "He had so much intelligence and energy, it was difficult keeping him entertained and out of trouble! But, because I have had two other Aussies in the past, I was patient, knowing his potential. 
Aussies are bred for their instinct and individual thinking to herd.  We, as people, have to learn to adjust to their way of thinking. Now that Dillon is four-years-old he has mellowed into a lovable-happy guy who loves people and dogs of all sizes. 
Dillon lives for two things: swimming and chasing balls. I wouldn't recommend picking up a ball when you are near Dillon. It is a calculated trap! He will expect you to throw it, and he can chase it, non-stop, all day long."

They live in the country on 11 acres, and Dillon rides to work with Reid..."and every where else I go."  These trips also include long drives to Model A Ford rallies.  Reid has been involved with the car club since the early 90's and spent 4 years restoring his 1929 Model A into a pristine panel delivery truck.

Dogs who love car rides will be jealous after reading Dillon's story! Lucky Dillon-he has the perfect dog-job; looking handsome (easy to do) and smiling at his adoring public in 'his' Model A truck.

Reid and Dillon travel around the country, joining hundreds of other car enthusiasts learning about antique cars, while displaying their vehicles for the public's enjoyment. 

At the car club events, Dillon is a canine-to-people magnet as he proudly sits in his Model A Ford.

Reid laughs, "This dog smiles 24 hours a day." And Dillon gives a joyful smile to everyone who walks by...making them smile back. You might say that Reid and his restored delivery truck have taken a back seat to the fame that Dillon has created at their outings with his big smile and huge brown eyes.

Caution: Don't bounce a ball as you walk by Dillon, you might be there all day!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
Dillon sits in 'hit' truck waiting for an innocent person to walk by bouncing a ball!

Dogs, cats and squirrels drown in both below and above ground swimming pools.
One reason animals drown is because they can not reach up, grab a hold of the edge of a pool, and pull themselves out.  The animal then swims in circles until they are exhausted and drown.

Even if your dog can swim, or your cat has had swimming lessons, if they can not climb out of the pool they fell into and drown, it will be a sad day at your home.

Prevent this tragedy from happening. Pool and spa stores sell for light weight plastic Skamper Ramps.

These ramps, placed on the edge of your pool offer a lifesaving escape route for both pets and outside critters to can climb out of a pool. Check them out on the Internet and at your local pool/spa stores.
Author John Clifton’s radio show on the topic of pet vaccination dangers.  The show will plays on your computer:
Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?
Author John Clifton asks this question in his book, Stop The Shots after his dog Sparky contracted cancer.  Become an educated pet parent.
Pet Adoptions
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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
If Cats Can Swim You Can do Anything!

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