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The Run-a-Way Mutt!

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Ramona and Tika, the "Run-a-Way Mutt."
Their recent walk was "almost" a success until the cat appeared!


Ramona and her husband intervened on the puppy Tika's behalf, saving her when their neighbor threatened to take Tika to the pound.  Even though Ramona is a cat person she agreed to take the dog because Tika was supposed to be her husband's dog.
It was a great plan, in Ramona and her husband's minds. Then they realized this dog has more energy than three other dogs combined.  Tika would have been the perfect family pet 10 years ago with all their active children at home, but now their children had gone...and they were left alone with this Energizer-bunny dog!

Two-year-old Tika is a rare mystery breed, "She appears to be a Labrador mix, with a hint of Pointer characteristics, because she hops when she sights something," says Ramona.  "And Tika thinks she is part cat.  When I am in bed reading, she jumps up on the bed and tries to curl up in my lap!"

Recently, when her husband was working out of town for two months, Ramona decided to "take their poor dog" for a walk.  She felt sorry that this bright active dog was not getting her usual attention.
Apparently, young Tika's social graces are severely lacking. Ever optimistic Ramona thought if she spent special time with the Tika, then she could help improve upon Tika's behavior. (wrong)

Having thoroughly studied the Dog Whisperer's CD's, Ramona prepared to teach Tika who the real Alpha female was in the family. (wrong again)

A half mile into their peaceful walk, just as Ramona felt Tika "was doing great" ... Tika saw a c-a-t!  (oh-oh). Without so much as a hop, skip or jump, Tika was off and running, forgetting that "poor" Ramona was tethered to her.

Ramona recounts the details, "Tika weighs 55 pounds and is VERY STRONG.  She dragged me across someone's front yard in pursuit of the cat.  I eventually ended up face down on their grass badly skinning my knees!"

And what about the "poor dog"? Tika was forced to stop running, only because she could no longer physically drag Ramona.  This event officially marked the end of their walk!

Ramona marched Tika directly back home.

At her front door, Ramon discovered that sometime during their walk she had lost her house keys.  So, she put Tika safely in the yard and went in search of the keys.

Ramona searched and searched.  "I was not having any luck finding the keys, so I faced East and said, 'Dear Spirit and the Angels, I know nothing is lost under the sight of God. I ask for assistance in finding the keys, in full faith, and with gratitude. Thank You'." 
Then Ramona remained still, took a deep breath, and released it.

"Very gently, the idea came  that I should look further up the street.  And there in plain sight were my keys! 'Thank You Spirit and Angels,' I said.

Ask for help from Spirit and the Angels for the simplest of things, remain open, and listen for the gentle answer. Who knows what lessons were in this experience for me?"

Possibly, the lesson may be to learn to communicate
telepathically with her dog as well as she does with the Angels?
Upon hearing of Ramona's tale, her sister reminded her of another Dog Whisperer trick, "It requires a longer leash that is draped across the lower chest."  Ramona elaborates, "It causes dogs to halt if they take off. I bought the new longer leash, but I am not brave enough to try it just yet."

Ramona extends an invitation to all readers, "Does anyone want to take my 'poor' dog for a walk while I spend more time watching the Dog Whisperer's Cds for further direction!" 


A wake-up call for altering pets. Lucky you! Your cat had the cutest kittens and your dog the most adorable puppies.  Your children love them all.  Then you place an ad in the local newspaper to give them away for "free."

A word of caution in today's real world! Snake and alligator owners and dog fighters are coming into your home to give your "free" fur-baby a new home--in their killer pet's cage! 

Yes, the world has changed! Today, teach your children the realities of life, that altering pets stops suffering by helping stop pet overpopulation.  Illustrate this by walking them through an animal shelter. If you want to show children the natural process of birth, rent a video at the library or ask your veterinary clinic for one.

“There are few foster homes for newborn kittens and puppies. It is difficult to find people wiling to hand-feed newborns every two hours, 24 hours a day!  Today, because of the vast amount of pets needing homes, most humane societies now euthanize newborns. Neutering and spaying our pets helps avoid pet suffering,” said Janetta Overholser, President of Humane Society of Cottage Society.
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