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Christmas Miracle Cat!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Sammy, on the left, a 9-year-old Flame Point Himalayan, arrived via a bonafide miracle! 
Sandra loves her Persian bookends, Sammy and Polo, and they love riding in the car with her to help her patients at the care centers.


Imagine your pet arriving with the help of Divine intervention!  A few hours after Sandra turned off her computer and printer for the evening...the "off printer" unexplainably sprang to life. Bewildered, she approached it watching as a flier from a Persian Cat Rescue group printed out.  They were seeking a home for a Silver Persian. 

Because the unexpected flier already had a miracle already attached to it, Sandra thought that Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" (best-selling author of two Miracle books and guardian of four Silver Persians) had sent it to her. Sandra looked at the flier and thought, "I have six Persians, and certainly don't need another one!"

"No sooner had I returned to bed, when the printer began printing again! Another plea for a second Persian printed out.   This time, it was for a 9-year-old, flame point Himalayan, Sammy, who needed a forever home.  I glanced at his story and ...another flier on Sammy popped out of my printer!

The flier read,"....a beautiful flame point Himalayan with ice blue eyes and the daintiest meow you've ever heard. Sam isn't shy and thrives on attention and head scratches. He is a great lap cat and companion and does well with other cats...."

Considering the mysterious way I received notice of Sammy's availability, I ignored the late hour and phoned the Pet Rescue.

Unexpectedly, they said 'Sorry. Sammy was already adopted.'"

Sandra continued, "If you think this story sounds crazy so far--wait for the next part!"  I can hear Angels and my Guardian Angel said,  "The cat has not been adopted.  It is very ill and it's not going to make it. Call them again."

So I called the Persian Rescue back and asked them to double-check on the cat's availability.

'That cat is not in the system anymore,' they responded. 'It was in such poor shape.' 'Oh, the poor cat must have died I thought,' but a few brief minutes later, she called back, 'Yes, we still have him. But, there is a long process to go through for adopting one of our cats.  First, you have to fill out an application.'

Since my 'turned off' printer was working so well, I asked her to e-mail the form.  But, my computer was now having "problems" and the information would not print. So, instead, she faxed the application form.

I filled in the form, while the woman phoned my cats' veterinarian to confirm that I could take care of Sammy's special medical needs.  She phoned back laughing, 'Your vet said, "My staff agrees, if we can come back as a cat...we all want to go live at Sandra's home.' That sealed the deal on Sammy's adoption. It was the quickest adoption in their history.

You see, I instinctively KNEW that Sammy was mine, and he would fit into our cat household beautifully.  Nothing was going to stop me from getting "my cat!"

My male Himalayan Persian, Polo, is a therapy cat. We drive everywhere together.  He sits proudly next to me, harnessed in his safe Snoozer pet booster seat and loves to visit "his" clients. (If it is too hot to travel, he stays home.)

Polo loves car adventures, so I put him in his little seat for the hour drive to get his new brother.

The minute I saw Sammy, I fell in love with him.  Yes, he was in very bad shape.  He was a shaved, homely, bruised cat with visible open sores, but his spirit was lovable.  Whatever abuse he had been tormented with must have been hellacious.

The lady at the foster home gave me verbal instructions on how to care for him. She had no clue that I already had a herd of pampered Persians at home.  She walked Sammy and me to the car, still giving instructions on how to care for him. She suggested keeping the cats separated, and stopped mid-sentence when she saw Polo waiting to meet Sammy," said Sandra.

"Oh, don't worry," I said, "Polo will explain everything to Sammy to make him comfortable."

Everything will be alright," smiled Sandra as she carefully harnesed Sammy into his Snoozer Pet Car Seat.
Polo looked over at his new brother and began gently-meow chatting with Sammy.  Then Sammy responded in a sweet-gentle chirp.  This went on for several minutes.  It was adorable!  The rescue lady was shocked that my prediction of the cats getting along was true."

For those who have brought home an adult cat and introduced it to your other kitties, you know how rare a scenario this is!

On the long drive home, Sandra relayed, "Sammy slept with his little paws over the booster seat.  So did Polo. Each had fallen asleep gazing at the other."

The unexplained flier that arrived in Sandra's "turned off printer" was right.  Sammy loves sitting laps, and he was extremely ill.  Sammy has since received medical treatment and is thriving. 
Sandra shakes her head slowly from side to side and says, "It is beyond me, why or how anyone could have harmed and tortured this precious cat who only wants to give his innocent love.  I am so glad the Angels brought us together."

And you might ask "What is Sammy's favorite thing to do?"  He loves car rides with his look alike buddy Polo of course!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Therapist Sandra buckles in cat-therapist Sammy as they prepare for a trip to visit clients in his Snoozer Pet Car Seat. These safety seats are a favorite amongst cat and small dog travelers

You easily and safely harness your pet into the seat and they love been up high to inspect the view. 
20 Tips on how to teach your cat to love car rides:
Penny in Goodyear, Arizona writes, "Tips 'n' Tales is an inspiration!  Here is a tip from our cat Fuzzy.  We rescued Fuzzy 10 years ago from a shelter; he is a beautiful Tuxedo cat. But, being a long-haired cat, and with his constant shedding, we have fur-bunnies all over our house. And, oh my, the dander in his beautiful black coat!  

A month ago, we had his fur professionally clipped short.  He looks adorable in his new poodle cut, and the shedding and dander problem have gone away!  

Fuzzy loves his "new do" and we sure do too!   My friend also had her Persian Himalayan's fur trimmed last summer.  It is amazing how this solves the shedding and dander problems and how fast!  Now Fuzzy is not-so-Fuzzy!"

Also, a Furminator is one of the best anti-shedding tools on the market.  This comb pulls out the dead fur and just like the TV ad's reduces shedding in your home up to 80%.

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