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Cosi, the Wonder Dog is a Walking Miracle!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Cosi, a 6 years old, purebred black and silver Miniature Schnauzer is a walking miracle! Her brush with death teaches us that miracles happen.

Sometimes HOPE is all that we have to cling to in our moment of disaster.
- Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" author of Expect Miracles -

It was a pet parent nightmare! The centrifugal force of the car accident projected the unrestrained dog furiously around the tumbling car resulting in life altering injuries.

"My brother, Maxi, our dog Cosi, and I were all seriously hurt," says Mason. "I feel guilty because I did not secured in Cosi in her basket in the back seat. She was flipped off the seat, thrown around the car and her rear legs became paralyzed - completely! Miraculously, two vacationing Israeli paramedics, who saw the accident, stopped and helped us until local paramedics arrived."

A police officer rushed Cosi to a pet hospital and Mason and Max were rushed to the hospital. The veterinarian phoned us in ER, 'An operation might repair some of the spinal damage that caused Cosi's paralysis. The surgery has a 20% success rate. You need to consider what her quality of life will be.' It was a devastating decision."

Cosi is a valuable American Kennel Club winner, but it would not matter if she was a shelter rescue, Mason dearly loves her. The cost of spinal surgery to try and repair Cosi's paralysis was $7,000-$12,000. If Mason had that money floating in her back pocket, she would have paid it. It was difficult making a decision on their and Cosi's medical bills. "My brother and I were seriously hurt. I broke several ribs, had knee surgery and still walk with a limp," quietly remarks Mason.

"We had to wait two weeks before our first visit to see Cosi at the clinic before making any decisions. Cosi was thrilled to see us. Her eyes sparkled with joy and she enthusiastically licked my face," recalls Mason as tears of remembrance welled up in her eyes.

"I cried like a baby. Cosi had so much passion for life. I knew that her life and legs were worth fighting for. We were encouraged to try dog chiropractic rehabilitation. Our dog trainer, Dotti, felt very paws-itive about chiropractic care. The veterinarian had said that, 'without surgery Cosi probably wont walk again.' We had nothing to lose, so Cosi was fitted into a wheelchair that supported her back legs and give her mobility."

Dottie, recommended chiropractor, Dr. Patti, to work on Cosi. The caring people in Cosi's dog training class, took up a collection for the dog's appointments with Dr. Patti.

"We had never heard of pet chiropractic care, but we noticed right away that the sessions gave Cosi relief. On the fifth appointment... BINGO...something clicked!" remarks Mason. "The combination of cold lazar, activator, and massage therapy worked their magic! Later that evening, I looked up and saw Cosi walking, without her wheelchair (slowly but surely) from the bedroom down the hall towards me. Imagine my shock and tears of joy! It was like a scene out of a movie!

We continue Cosi's treatments with Dr. Patti, and Cosi continues to improve from her drunken sailor walk to a more steady gait. It is a miracle! I had no idea that chiropractic care could have this kind of result."

Video Dr. Patti:

"A friend who knew about Cosi's condition, included Cosi in her weekly prayer circle. The group sent Cosi a 'healing heart charm' that she still wears on her collar.

I believe that Cosi's 'Angels' combined with chiropractic care blessed us with her miracle recovery. Some people may think that's nuts, but it doesn't bother me a bit. Cosi is better because of the circle of love and technology," smiles Mason. "One of my favorite quotes is by Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never, never give up.' Cosi and I never did! A very determined fourteen and a half pound Mini-Schnauzer has shown us all what true grit is, taught us to never give up on hope, and expect a miracle!"

Cosmo can walk on her own, and is waiting for a treat from Dr. Pattie.
Dr. Pattie believed that Cosi could heal...and she was right!
Here is Cosi introducing us to her healer, Dr. Pattie.
And...barking for another treat. Some things never change!


"One of my biggest frustrations with pet parents is that they forget to communicate with their dogs!" says Dottie, who is a licensed professional dog trainer. "Instead, they expect the dogs to read their minds."
"People yank on a dog's leash and expect it to telepathically know what they want.  All the time dragging their poor dog this way and that. Remember -- your dog wasn't born trained - and neither were you!
Please communicate with your dog because it is an intelligent animal. While you are trying to drag it in one direction, it has no idea what you want, because it is thinking or focusing on something different than you. Stop the frustrations for both of you, enroll your and your dog into an obedience class," emphasizes Dottie of
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