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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
John and 16 year old Pill.
Together as Family.



John is the Resident Aid for Riverview Terrace Apartments, so everyone knows who Pill is.

You must admit Pill is an unusual name for a cat, and it is not derived from the headache some crazy pets give us, but rather her attitude.  John shyly admits, "Pill's nick name is Doll, as she really is one."

Fifteen years ago, before John's wife Doris' death, Pill adopted them.  John recalls, "It was an cold-icy winter and every time I went outside onto our back porch, for something in the freezer, I heard a meow.

I would look around, and not see a cat.  It took three days to discover Pill camping out, trying to keep warm, under the freezer, beside its compressor.

John and Doris moved into the Terrace Apartments 1 years later and took Pill along with them. 

Sadly, Doris died 10 years ago, leaving Pill as John's closest family member.  John's other relatives are sprinkled coast to coast across the USA, so he truly appreciates Pill's attention and company.

Well, sometimes.

Fifth floor resident, Jacqueline laughs and says, "John got a new chair and Pill took it over." 

When asked about this feline-felony John explains, "When Pill is in the new chair, I leave her there, as she always looks so comfortable. I would feel guilty moving her; so I sit on a kitchen chair."

John's voice laughed the entire time he talked about Pill.  It is easy to see the special bond between them and how proud he is to show her off.

Because they live on the bottom floor, and John's apartment has a balcony, Pill often wanders out for fresh air.  Even at her advancing age, she leaps six feet to the ground and explores the gardens. 

When it is time for her to return, John goes out the back door, down the long ramp and calls her.  Pill dutifully walks up the ramp, at her own pace, and back into the building for another nap on John's new chair!

When John's neighbor Pat sees Pill has jumped off the balcony, she knocks on his door and announces, "Girl's out John." So Pill has a lot of people who watch out for her best interests.  

Pat adds, "Pill is a beautiful cat and it is a joy to see how they love each other. Watching them together warms my heart and makes everyone in the building smile. 

The first time we saw them, John had a leash in his hand and we expected to look down and see a dog, but we were surprised to see a cat.  Now they don't use a  leash, both of them are so well trained."

John says with their age, the one thing they share, beside their love for each other, is arthritis. "It does not appear to limit Pill.  She is slower with age, but then again who isn't?" he comments.

When asked of the benefits of owning a cat, John replied, "Pill talks to me and I to her.  Now, when she meows a certain way, which sounds exactly like "Out" I know she wants outside, which makes communicating with her easier.  Having a cat, gives me someone to take care of.  Pill makes my day.  When I come home, she greets me; no kiss like a wife, but she's still there to give me purrs and 'lovin'!"



John's shares, "I change Pill's food off each day, so she is gets a different combination of food and nutrients.  This way she is not bored with her food.  Hopefully she appreciates it!" 

To prevent food from spoiling or going rancid, store it in a cool/dark place.  When opening a large bag of dried food, divide the contents into smaller air tight containers or zip lock bags to maintain freshness.

Another idea: Store their dried foods in a clean, plastic garbage can, with a tight fitting lid.  Important: Wash the can regularly so the food retains its natural like-new consistency.

Your pet won't want to eat a stale bag of food, anymore than you would an unsealed or opened package of cookies or crackers. Maintaining the food's freshness keeps pets healthier.


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