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Kelly and Ivan with Beta
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Kelly and Ivan, with 6 year old 'Cornelia Beta Mendicant Zord'


Kelly and Ivan's dog's name, is so long, it is befitting of a Spanish Princess, 'Cornelia Beta Mendicant Zord' and it is shortened by those who love her, to "Beta."

Kelly and Ivan put their minds to work naming Beta. 
Ivan says, "Cornelia originated because Beta smells like corn. Beta, is a variation of her original name "Bella," with a play on the "alpha" designation of a top dog.
Mendicant means beggar.
Zord comes from outer space, but the interesting thing one can remember how it ended up in Beta's name."

Beta is an Internet Treasure, because she was discovered on it, listed under, "Dog looking for a home."

Kelly and Ivan felt some trepidation, in adopting a dog they had never met. 
As a precaution, they decided to watch her for a month, while her owner looked for a permanent home.
Kelly says, "By the time we realized, that Beta's owner was never going to return our calls, Beta had become an important member of our family."

Beta was found deserted as a puppy, by her previous owner, and a guesstimate of her breed is, part Dalmatian, and Blue Heeler.
Kelly says, "Unlike many Dalmatians, Beta is a well-behaved, mellow dog that loves to be cuddled, and occasionally she will curl up on our laps. 
Beta is highly intelligent, and can communicate her desires to us easily."

Beta has a giant, endearing smile that Kelly and Ivan call "beast-a-face." 
Ivan explains, "People who don't know Beta, think that her teeth-baring expression is aggressive.
But they soon come to understand, that her smile is how she expresses happiness, and a desire to please.
Actually, her expressions are one of the cutest things on the face of the earth!"

Ivan suggests the way to a happy dog is, "Take your dog with you, whenever you can.
One of the reasons Beta is so happy, and well-adjusted, is because Kelly and I spend as much time as possible with her.
We also constantly tell Beta that we appreciate, and love her.
Cottage Grove is a beautiful place to walk, instead of drive...not only is it good for your relationship with your dog, but it's also good for your health and the environment!"  

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