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Three Professional Cat Nappers!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Old Mill Farm Store employees: Crumbles, Juniper and Smidge.  These three cats snoozed their way into business profits earning them the title of Professional Cat Nappers!


The three fuzzy four-legged sales staff at the Old Mill Farm store were originally offered free room and board in exchange for the job of catching mice, but since then a surprising new skill has come to light.

Debbie, co-owner of the animal feed store, says in amazement, "We brought in several sizes, types, and brands of cat beds for our customers' pets. We scattered the beds around the store for sale. The beds began to sell, I mean really sell! So, we asked our customers what they liked about that particular style of bed.

One after the other earnestly responded, 'we found one of your cats cat-napping in it, so we know our cat will love it too.'

Well, as the beds sold, the cats moved into the next available bed.  Very soon those beds also sold. This year, we doubled the sales of pet beds with the cats' help!"  This makes their cats "professional cat-nappers!

"Imagine, our cats becoming top sales-kitties!" continues Debbie, "We appreciate their help after the fire last year. The fire was a financial and emotional blow."

A year ago, the 120-year-old Old Mill Farm Store's barn, which housed tons of feed, hay, and animal bedding for local farm and pet needs, was tragically the victim of arson.

It was upsetting for the community to see the familiar antique barn disappear in a raging fire from the city's landscape.

"After the fire, customers came into our store sharing their childhood memories of the 'ol' barn' that they had with their parents from nearly 80 years ago. Our customers' outpouring of love, care, and support was heartwarming.

The fire was 10 feet from our main store, and the fire fighters prevented it from spreading to the store.  Thanks to Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe's" daughter and husband who were two of the fire fighters on the scene.  Luckily, none of the animals we sell and care for were hurt during the fire.

We scrambled to accommodate our customers needs and replaced all the products; it has been challenging, but our customers are great. We catch them laughing when they enthusiastically discover a "new" product we have sold for 10 years and they've just now found!

Our cats are wonderful mousers, sales staff, cat-nap specialists, and door greeters--even if you are the one who has to open and close the door for them!" laughs Debbie.


Caution: Beware when ordering pet and/or human supplements over the Internet, because some companies may hook you like an unwilling fish!

Adrienne, who reads Tips 'n' Tales in Connecticut warns us that some internet pet companies offer a very cheap price or free trial program of their products. Once the products are delivered, the company then makes it extremely hard to cancel and begins charging you a hefty monthly fee.

Buying locally saves you money, keeps your neighbors in business, and saves you hours of Internet frustration!

Nancy reads Tips 'n' Tales in Prescott, Arizona, "I love Tips 'n' Tales! I recently learned while volunteering at the Humane Society that pets can contact some human illnesses! When pet parents are ill, wash your hands before touching anything to do with your pets, wear a mask when feeding them or breathing on or near them to keep them healthy. Remember if you sneeze and then hug the family pet, you are sharing germs with your pet and other family members.

There are currently many more dog and cat food recalls. Monitor your pet's health closely. If you have concerns visit the FDA website and report all adverse reactions related to your pet's food. (425) 483-4949.


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