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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Scary Birthday Surprise!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Jonathan and Lindsay are holding Mr. Chunks and Xoi.
Volunteer Fire Fighter Captain Howard with Arrow.



Lindsay and Jonathan are the proud pet parents of three. The eldest, Mr. Chunks is 17 years and adopted from Lindsay's friend who was moving to Hawaii.
Then, at Christmas they discovered 4 year old Xoi on Craig's List. Funnily enough, Xoi's parents were also moving to Hawaii! Lindsay smiles and says, "Both cats, same story, happy ending...our house."

Their two year old black Lab, Arrow, was another Craig's List discovery.  Arrow was named after a Harry Nilsson song, and the movie The Point, narrated by Ringo Starr.  The Internet has saved pets lives, as people list them and others adopt them.

With great difficulty Lindsay began sharing a recent experience that changed their lives.  "On Sunday we drove to Eugene, to celebrate my 29th birthday. It was a fun day and our pets were safe at home. But this day had a horrible twist, one to which we are all still adapting.

Coming home, we rounded our street's corner and saw our quiet street crowed with; 50 people standing watching something, fire trucks, police officers ... something bad obviously had happened.
We could not see our home, and smelled smoke! 
It was terrifying.  We panicked. Our pets!
[See photos of fire below]

Thankfully, it was not our home that was on fire." Through a strained voice Lindsay continues, "It was the neighbor's, but our home was directly affected by the fire's intense heat."

One of the benefits of a small town is that people look out for each other. Our friend Sean and his buddies were at the Park and saw a copious amount of smoke billowing up from a duplex. 
They ran over to the home, and alerted the families and their pets to evacuate.  Then he along with 10 others; neighbors, friends and strangers grabbed neighbor's garden hoses and valiantly supported the fire fighters.
In the mean time, the Fire Department's air raid siren was activated to call in extra career and volunteer fire fighters to help fight this fire.
The fire was so hot, its radiant heat melted our house's paint, window frames, set our fence and grass on fire, and ignited the side of the house.  There is smoke damage in our home, but they saved it, and our beloved pets. 

Our animals were so vulnerable.  We are so appreciative. Our home is newly updated and we felt safe from a fire. We never thought that a neighbor's home could start ours on fire and affect us so much!

We hesitantly went inside and discovered Arrow on our bed seeking solace from the commotion and heat.  Ever since that scary day, we come home to find Arrow acting out, he appears depressed and traumatized.  He tears up mounds of toilet paper, all over the living room floor.  In the back yard he just stares at the burned out house next door, and our destroyed blackened fence.

Lindsay reflects, "We now appreciate our pets more as we were shown how fragile life is.  Everything can be ripped away in a few hours.  It was a horrible turn of events from when we woke up that morning.  Jonathan and I want to thank everyone for their help, and the happy ending for our pets. 
After this news article our pets are now celebrities!  Xoi requests, "Paw-leaze, paw-sitively no autographs!""


Is there a way to create a fire escape for your animals?  Install a pet door into an outdoor pet enclosure, so they can escape in an emergency.

PET INSIDE stickers are available at pet stores for your front and back doors, to alert fire fighters.

The Fire Department's Air Raid Siren was activated to call volunteer fire fighters into the station to help fight this fire. 
Volunteer Fire Fighter Captain Howard who was on scene at Lindsay and Jonathan's fire requests, "NEVER GO BACK into a burning structure to try to rescue animals!   
Leave it to fire fighters in proper protective equipment. When homes burn the immediate danger is from the smoke, heat and fumes which eventually can explode! You are precious to your loved ones. Get out and call 911."

Lindsay's pet tip is, "We learned an awesome tip for training pets. Take an empty pop can, add 10 pennies, tape the top closed, and rattle/toss it on the floor when they are doing something that requires correction.  The noise startles and stops them. In a few days, all we had to do was point at the can and Arrow understood. 
Most animals are sensitive to noise, so this method worked fast.  In the car, we take the can, and if Arrow needs correction, we no longer have to shake it, we just point to the can and he gets the message.  It saves us from yelling No!"
On Scene Photographer
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Rolling flames boil off of a vehicle in the garage,
and burns up the fence between the homes. 
(The corner of Lindsay and Jonathan's home is on the right.)
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Mary Ellen's daughter, Ariel, is on the roof venting the heat, and
her hubby, Howard, is headed back to the fire engine for extra equipment.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Firefighter aided by an instant volunteer
who was driving by the scene.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Volunteer Paramedic Marci assisted by people
watching the fire.  They dragged the fire hose to the closest hydrant.

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Back shed of the home, being dowsed by people
who were enjoying a quiet day at the park moments ago.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
The heat from this fire was so hot, it radiated next door to
Jonathan and Lindsay's jeopardizing their pets lives and home.

Pet Adoptions

Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Nymbus, the cutest Kitty in the World

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