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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Gloria with Poquito, a 15 year old Dachshund,
and Gary with Maree, a 7 year old Australian Shepherd.


"It was Valentines Day, and I looked down at the Dachshund puppy sitting in the kennel," recalls Gloria, "he was ecstatic to see me. His deep brown eyes pleaded, "Get me out of here!  Get me out of here!""

"My initial intention was to adopt a female dog, but when I learned the puppy was male, it did not matter. Cute superseded gender.

When I picked him up, he laid his head on my heart, and cuddled inside my open jacket.  He was determined that I was leaving with him. It was love at first sight, for both of us.  Poquito is Spanish for 'small,' and he was named before we climbed in the car and headed home.

Choosing Poquito was like buying shoes.  You go to a shoe store, like Shoe Strings in Cottage Grove for hiking shoes, but instead, you end up buying Hush Puppies.  Oh, and Poquito loved my shoes, they all had love bites to prove it, and he expertly turned my slippers inside out!

Poquito was so small, that I carried him around the house in my pajama's pouch-pocket.  He also patiently sat in it, watching my every move, as I worked on the computer.

At the time we adopted him, we had a white cat.  Soon we packed everyone up and moved to Texas.  Shortly after arriving, our cat became lost. We frantically searched the neighborhood. 

Two days later, Poquito was discovered barking into a storm drain.  We went to investigate and discovered our cat so deep down the drain that she could not escape.

After helping rescue our cat, Poquito became obsessed with storm drains, possibly hoping to rescue more lost cats.

Now, 15 years later, and because of his advancing years, Poquito is more into napping, yoga and meditation than excelling as the athlete he used to be. Even though he is elderly, my husband and I encourage him to stay active.

I teach Yoga, and Poquito is a great student.  When I do Yoga at home, it becomes Doga!

Yoga was originally inspired by people observing how animals in the wild stretched and healed.  Yoga has official dog poses, Up-Dog and Down-Dog which are recorded in its original Sanskrit language.

When I put on the music to begin Yoga, Poquito walks over and lays beside me.
In some bridge poses he walks under me, and I have to stay there until he moves.  When I stand on my head he seems worried, comes over, and licks my face.

Sometimes, Poquito puts his front paws together in a prayer position, so I bow and say, "Namaste" to him.

Our second dog, Maree, shares the same birthdate as Gary, and her name is derived from an Australian city.  Now that Poquito is going blind and deaf,  Maree understands Poquito's age limitations and has become his protector.

When our neighbor's friendly Border Collies came into our yard, and instinctively tried to herd Poquito, Marree ran over and chased the would-be herders off.

My husband and I enjoy reading Tips 'n' Tales in the Sentinel, the stories touch the heart. I am mailing copies of our story to my relatives in Canada, Columbia, and all across the U.S.A., because we are so proud of our dogs."


Gloria recommends, "At night, we put on the outside lights or use a flashlight to help Poquito, with his fading eyesight, find the back door."

During hot weather, Debbie and Chuck, owners of Old Mill Farm Store suggest, "Prior to a heat wave, place a dry towel in a zip-lock bag and put in the freezer for 24 hours.  During the hot weather, take the towel out and place it on your pet's bed.  This allows them a cool place to bring down their body temperature."

"Heat can kill - don't leave animals inside a vehicle.  Also, remember that dogs in the back of pickups can fall out and die or be seriously injured. Most pet parents don't realize that the heat from the vehicle's metal floor can cook their feet."   Janetta Overholser, President of Humane Society of Cottage Society (HSCG)

Trish in Cottage Grove recommends, "If a pet is showing signs of heat, put cool water on their feet and ears to help bring down their temperatures."

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