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Photo submitted by Becky©
Becky holding Slugger, sitting by their best friend Eulika.


"Four years ago, I adopted a purebred German Shepherd puppy from Europe and named her Eulika, which translates to Goddess in Eskimo," explains Becky.

She continues, "European Shepherds are smaller than the American bred Shepherds, and are historically good family dogs, with natural dog traits.  They do not have the American bred hip and eye problems, or an unpredictable temperament.

Eulika's best friend is our cat Slugger. Slugger is unusual as he loves to swim in the bathtub with me!  Eulika and Slugger love each other and often play ball together.  We laugh and laugh watching them!

Because Eulika is an intelligent animal with a superior intellect, we challenged her with three kinds of training; Schnutzund, Search and Rescue, and Police Personal Protection.  She was top in her class.  She loves to think!

For twenty years, I have been a professional Animal Communicator; so listening telepathically to what animals are 'think-saying' comes second nature.

Little did I realize what was about to unfold, because two years after Eulika arrived, I began having seizures.

With our close attachment, and her previous training, we signed up for seizure-alert classes.

During a seizure, my metabolism changes, and goes into a panic mode.  To train her, I would think of something panicky. 

She'd immediately detect the change, and understood what to do. I followed Eulika's lead, as she chose ways to notify of an impending seizure.

Exactly, twenty-two minutes prior to a seizure, she begins nudging, whine-crying and pawing at me.  She gets obnoxious until I pay attention.
Several times, she has awakened me prior to a seizure, then she stays beside me until it is over.  It does not matter where we are; in bed, at a store, at work, or driving...she uses her notification techniques.

While driving, when she alerts me, I immediately pull over to the side of the road, until the seizure stops.  This saves lives!

As smart as Eulika is, she has the cutest facial thinking habit; tilting her head all the way to the side, almost upside down, making everyone laugh with her quizzical expression.

Eulika's tennis ball is her favorite toy, and she will shamelessly do anything for it!

Imagine the world if more people where like Eulika, she uses her brain, she is kind, gentle, and  loves everyone, and every animal....even our goat!"



Becky adds, "During hot weather, we put a child's swimming pool in the back yard for our pets use to cool down. 

I have always had dogs, and rescued wolf and wolf hybrids for New Mexico's Game and Fish, since I was eighteen.

We are currently entrusted with several wolf rescues, and I cannot say it enough:  Do not get a wolf as a pet, because they are not pets!  They deserve a life in the wild.

The reason I have so many is because people get them, then find out the hard way that they are not family pets. 

They are large, unpredictable, and hard to train.  They don't behave like a dog. 

They don't sit, or stay, and are destructive on furniture, clothes, books, household goods and the house!

They need a pack leader to train them, and they know you aren't it! 

The humane society has wonderful dogs who need a home, please consider adopting an awesome pet from them." 

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