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Mary Ellen
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Dog Sniffs Out Burglar! 
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Doug cradles his hero, "Pugz, an 11 year old Shih Tzu, while Gayla explains, "We dearly love our dogs...but a local burglar doesn't." Two more dogs have been added to the Dog Patrol at their home, Jack Russells Joey and Buster.


In the U.S.A. there are 65 million dogs and 63% of homes have pets.  A quick survey of our neighbors shows that we far exceed the national percentage of animal guardians with pets.  But who is guarding who?

"My husband and I dearly love our dogs...but a local burglar doesn't," laughs Gayla!

"Our 11 year old Shih Tzu, Pugz, is special for many reasons, but the one incident that stands out is him catching a burglar in our house," proudly states Gayla as she fondly rubs Pugz behind the ears.

"We are blessed to live right next door to our daughter, Michelle, and her family.  Last summer, my husband and I were in the back yard chatting with them over the fence, planning our granddaughter's 10th birthday party.   We went back into the house, picked up her birthday gift and walked to the front door to leave for the party. 

Something was very wrong! We both noticed it together...our front door was slightly ajar!  Pugz's hair stood up on his back, straight as a porcupines!  My husband and I followed Pugz down the hall and Doug whispered, 'Someone is in here!'

A complete stranger emerged from our back bedroom!  In a matter of seconds we went from the joyful feelings of a grandchild's birthday party, to poor Doug fighting for his life!

The burglar violently lunged at Doug and they began wrestling.  I was concerned because Doug, a war veteran, is retired and has four back surgeries.  As Doug was grappling with the crook, he yelled, 'Get the gun!  Get the gun!' So, I ran for the gun."

With her voice raised and her breathing increased, Gayla continued the hair raising story as if she were reliving it, "By then, they had wrestled clear down the hallway into the front room. 
Finally, Doug wrestled the burglar into a chair.  I took the appropriate shooting stance, and pointed the gun directly at the prowler's head.  He saw me, heard me cock the trigger, and he settled down. Then Doug caught his breath, took the gun from me and held it directly on the burglar's head."

With all the shouting and screaming, our children heard it and ran over.  Michelle ran in the kitchen and grabbed the first weapon she could find; my heavy wooden cutting board.  She jumped onto the coffee table, held that big chunk of wood over the burglar's head and yelled, "Don't' move or I will kill you!"  He was getting more than he bargained for when he entered our home.  Michelle planned on braining him to death with that cutting board to save us!"

Next, to arrive, leaping like Superman over the fence, and joining in the melee was Jim, our daughter's husband.  He spots the burglar, jumps on him and yells, "Don't you move," at the now terrified would-be burglar. Then he sees Doug holding a gun on him, and releases him.

What a sight! "Michelle was still standing on top of the coffee table with the cutting board over her head threatening the burglar's head.  Doug had a gun pointed at him.  Jim was standing menacingly beside him. The crook looked like a cornered mouse surrounded by hungry cats!" continues Gayla.

"I frantically dialed 911, and told the dispatcher what was him a blow by blow description."

Within two minutes, three police cars arrived at their home, the police handcuffed the burglar, who was probably more than glad to be away from the protective family!

Gayla later learned that the burglar was responsible for victimizing and burglarizing her entire neighborhood. "No one had caught him until Pugz did!  Now Pugz gets anything he wants!" proudly smiles Gayla.

For extra protection; Gayla and Doug adopted two Jack Russells, brothers Joey (8 months old) and Buster (9 months old.) Because they are puppies they get into a lot of mischief.  "One jumped into our hot tub, and you might say he was completely surprised!  The pups love chewing on everything...including our wall to wall carpet!"

Doug wants everyone to know how proud he is of his wife and dog, "Gayla held a perfect stance with the gun leveled at the robber, and Pugz is my hero."

Gayla and Doug's three dogs may be small in size, but they are certainly an effective early warning system for burglars!  Yes, with the added bark-patrol...Gayla and Doug have a bite on crime....the gun helps too!
How did the crook do in his day in court? Well, the judge threw the book at him on three charges, and wrapped the day up nicely with a five year jail sentence.


Sadly, much in the world has changed, and we must adjust to protect our families.  Add a peek hole in your front door, at the height of a child. Most peek holes are set in place by a 6 foot man, and it is too high for women and children to view who is knocking.  Keep doors locked when you are not at home, when you are home, and when you are in your backyard.  If you are expecting a visitor, do not unlock the door until they knock, ensuring your pet's and family's safety.

Joanne, a Tips 'n' Tales reader, in Dallas, Georgia, has four mystery-breed shelter-rescue dogs. One of them, Chelsea, suffers from constant ear infections. "Our veterinarian gave Chelsea prednisone and antibiotics and Chelsea became worse!  Our vet had no idea what to do next! 
So, I turned to the internet for help. I found many home remedies for dogs' ear infections.  I urge people to always seek the help and advice of their pet's medical professionals.  I was just at my wits end, when we discovered the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar.

I also learned to prevent Chelsea's ear infections by weekly cleaning her ears, and adding yogurt in her diet, to keep her intestinal tract functions properly.  Apparently, some dogs need a better grade of pet food if they have reoccurring ear it can be an indication of allergies.


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