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Jack Russel Terriers and Boston Bull Terriers are both intelligent, active breeds and a combination of the two resulted in Marvin's happy-go-lucky dog, Molly. Marvin and Molly have it all figured out! He spoils her and she spoils him!

Marvin lived in a little village on Vancouver Island as a boy. "Twenty percent of the children in my school were of Japanese descent. Their part of the village was fascinating. The streets, houses and gardens resembled National Geographic magazine photographs of Japan. Japan has always held a fascination for me.
After my wife passed, I met a man at church and asked, "I heard you traveled to Japan. How was it? I've often thought of going there."  He responded, 'Oh, I can get you a job in Japan.' I was a retired school principal and he got me an English teacher position in a junior high school in the middle of Tokyo, for 4 months. I loved everything about Japan and stayed for 10 years. 
One day, while out walking, a woman handed me her modeling agency's card. I took her card and laughed. But, my daughter encouraged me to go to the agency and apply. The next day I went and ended up modeling in a TV commercial! My modeling career also included posing for department stores, computer, and car advertisements. These photographs were displayed as posters in the Japanese subways. My students got a tickle out of seeing me on a poster while on their way to school.
My Japanese landlord adopted a dog and named her Odoraei which translates into "to dance." Since the dog didn't dance I asked him why he chose that particular name. He said in his best English, "I named her after my favorite American movie star, Odoraei Hepburn." He never could pronounce Audrey Hepburn's name so his dog remained Odoraei.
When I returned to the North American continent my daughters said I should have a dog. I told them that I never had one before and did not want the responsibility now. They insisted, and drove me to the animal shelter. One dog looked so forlorn that we decided to try to cheer her up by taking her for a walk. By the time we got back we all were all in love with her and I've had a dog ever since!
A few years later, I was sitting at an outdoor café and a young man introduced himself to me and my dog.  We struck up a conversation and he shared that he was having some difficulties in his life and needed a fresh start. Since there was just me and the dog in a great big house, "we" offered him a room to rent. After a few years,he moved out and unfortunately fell back into his drug habit.
Once when I was visiting him, he showed me a newspaper ad for puppies. I was hoping that a puppy would give him a new interest in life so I bought him Molly. She spent half her time with him and half with me. Sadly, 6 months later he relapsed and died and that is how I inherited Molly. She was born on Canada Day, which is fun for two reasons: it is my eldest daughter's birthday; and we are Canadian.
One day, I was sitting on a bench with Molly and a woman came by and asked why I picked a dog like Molly.  I told her that I did not pick the dog, a friend of mine had and that she was my "inheritance" from him. "Mister, people don't pick dogs; dogs pick the person they want," declared the woman as she walked on. I guess she thought Molly and I were a perfect match.
Molly is great company. I love reading and doing Sudoku puzzles and if it wasn't for her, I would rarely leave home. Her cute personality introduces us to someone new each day. One day, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" spotted us out walking, stopped her car, and now Molly and I have the honor of being "famous" in Cottage Grove.
"We" have a queen size bed and Molly takes up 2/3's of the bed. It's hard to figure out how she does it because she's so small. One night, I awoke to find one of my legs hanging over the edge to make room for her.
Molly is addicted to peanut butter and insists upon having it twice a day. I play Bridge and when it is at my home, in the middle of the game, she drops her toy at my feet. The look in her eyes is, "Daddy I want peanut butter."  I get up, put peanut butter into her toy, and she holds it in her two front paws and licks it all out.
Because I spoil Molly, my daughters lecture me.  I don't listen because in my eyes, for the joy that Molly gives me, she deserves to be spoiled.


Louise, a Pet Tips 'n' Tales reader, lives in Senior Housing where only a few pets are allowed."  She emails, "I revel in the vivid pet portrayals shared in Tips 'n' Tales. The stories of animals touch my heart! Luckily, I am blessed with vivid memory-recall and can actually 'feel' the warm, wriggling bodies and the 'puppy kisses' when I read the stories. My last pet was Molly, a huge Maine Coon cat! Like Marvin, I'd preferred that my Molly allow me a larger share of my pillow -- but that never happened!" 
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